Writing Conclusions


Writing conclusions for our essays and research papers is the part that comes last, hence the most delicate. While writing an academic paper, the requirement is to make a strong argument on the basis of facts and figures hence there is only statement of facts minus personal opinions. However, in a conclusion you can allow yourself to detail whatever you have concluded from the study.

Points to Remember While Writing Conclusions

  • While writing a conclusion, conjure up a brief analytical summary for the thesis statement that you followed
  • Present the analysis from your-point-of-view and support it with the facts and figures already illustrated into your study i.e. data and review of literature
  • Interpret your results by keeping in lieu with the thesis statement
  • Discuss the implication of the findings
  • Elaborate and pin-point the areas that could use more research in future

Whether you are writing an essay conclusion or it is a conclusion paragraph for some other writing genre, remember that it is the essence of any study and should best reflect the analytical abilities of the author.

Happy Writing Conclusions!