Top 10 Magazines for Poets and Writers

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Contrary to what you might hear these days, the art of writing and poetry did not go extinct. Yes, the world is not blessed with the likes of Edgar Allen Poe or Oscar Wilde but that does not mean that we are lacking any good writers or poets. To begin with, most of the writers and poets these days can be found sitting under trees in their school grounds or sitting silently in libraries or even their homes; with notebooks in their hands, scribbling away their thoughts. What the message here is; the art of writing and poetry still lives on, the era changed, the subject may have changed but it is still as beautiful as it used to be in 18th century or before that.

Technology in today’s era plays a vital role, it is basically spread everywhere; apparently, technology has crept its way through the art of writing as well as poetry, however, the young, aspiring writers are often not getting the amount of exposure they deserve. Writers and poets have still found a way to gain quite some exposure through online platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. However, this exposure requires a lot of time to build up and often goes overlooked.

The Best Poetry and Writing Journals for New and Unpublished Writers

In such times, a writer/poet’s best option is to rely on a magazine that can help them get their work published and out on the wild. However, in this era, there are so many magazines available, the person ends up getting confused and tangled in a list of decisions.


Ploughshares is quite simply one of the oldest, the best and probably the highest ranked literary magazine that also happens to be non commercial. Ploughshares highly acclaimed by people all around the world, it might be almost as good as New Yorker (another platform we will be discussing in the post). It also happens to be an outstanding and easy to use platforms that is extremely efficient and really fast when it comes to being an amazing online publication magazine that is the best for poets or writers of the new age.

Just like New Yorker, Ploughshares has been honoured by national anthologies several times during its run.

Tin House

Despite the fact that Tin House was founded somewhere in 1998, it quickly rose to popularity and became one of the top and the best recognised literary magazines around the world. The success itself was quite surprising. Tin House, like Plougshares and New Yorker have been honored by the national anthologies quite some time. Tin House can easily be considered if you are making a list of the best magazines for poets and writers considering how it is a brilliant platform for all the young and aspiring poets and writers.

Black Warrior Review

Quite a dramatic name for a literary magazine, no? The Black Warrior Review just might be the oldest literary magazine in our list. The magazine was founded in 1947 and is one of the best literary magazines we could come up with. The magazine has been publishing some of the best writers and poets ever since its inception and submissions just keep getting better and better. The Black Warrior review is a must for any writer or poet who is on the look to get their work published in a magazine or for those who are looking to find new inspirations among aspiring writers.

Kenyon Review

Kenyon Review is another great magazine we are going to talk about. It is considered as one of the giants when it comes to literary magazines. The magazine was started in 1939 and ever since that; its been publishing amazing works of aspiring writers. In simpler words, Kenyon Review can easily be one of the best magazines for writers and poets and the best thing is that it offers online publication.

Crazy Horse

Started in 1960, Crazy Horse has been a house for many amazing writers and poets ever since its inception. The magazine is known for publishing works of several great writers and poets. In a era filled magazines of all sorts, Crazy Horse is sort of a gem that you don’t come across every day.

Off The Coast

Off The Coast is one of the magazines that has been published out of the Maine for almost 27 years, it gets published quarterly by a press named Resolute Bear, it is a press that specifically works for the sole purpose of publishing poetry. Off The Coast is your best choice if you want a magazine that strictly targets poetry.


It would have been unfair to create a list and not include Sixpenny in it. Sixpenny is a magazine that comes with illustrated short stories. Each issue of Sixpenny comes with 6 different stories. Three of the stories are published by new comers while the three are published by well known writers. Sixpenny is also known for paying good amount of money, each writer gets paid $100 for the short stories they write. The editors at Sixpenny are always on the look for writers who can keep the readers engaged from the very worst word to the last.


Duende is the literary magazine of bachelor of fine arts, the reason we are including this in our list of top 10 magazines for writers and poets is because Duende is known for accepting submissions of poetry, translations, visual arts, prose, visual art and hybrid work. One great thing about Duende is how the editors are always on the look for having collaborations between two or more than two writers; another interesting aspect of Duende is that how they work on collaborating writers and visual artists together.

Kill Your Darlings

As interesting as the name sounds, Kill Your Darlings get published out of Australia. It has been called the most exciting and engaging. Kill Your Darlings is known for publishing interviews, fictions, reviews, opinion pieces, columns as well as essays. Kill Your Darlings is known for publishing articles from well known writers as well as upcoming and aspiring writers.

Neon Literary Magazine

The last literary magazine on the list is Neon Literary Magazine. The magazine gets published three times a year and is available in both print format as well as online. Neon Literary Magazine is known for publishing works from both well known writers and amateurs as well. One thing I really like about Neon Literary Magazine is how they tend prefer articles that are dark and phantasmagoric. Neon Literary Magazine encourages the writers to add a short biography about themselves and as for poets, they are asked to send in several poems at once instead of one at a time. Even the magazine’s website is pretty useful for writers and poets and helps them by providing proper guidance.