Self-Publishing Help: What You Need To Know Before Publishing Your eBook

Self Published Author: Tips to Consider Before Publishing

Electronic-bookThinking of publishing your very own eBook on the internet? Here’s what you need to know before you dive in the complicated world of self-publishing.

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Get Your Priority In Check

Having a clear goal in mind for your eBook is what will help you set your direction. Is the objective eventually to make it commercial or is it for purely entertainment/literary purposes.

Your eBook Probably Won’t Sell

It doesn’t matter if you think really highly of your own eBook. Even a great book will never guarantee that it will sell like hot cakes in the market. Even statistics support this fact; most of the self-published book never really make it a proper brick and mortar store. Like they say that quality is never a guarantee you’ll get success.

Niche Is Where The Money Is

The money is in the niche. Topics like religion and non-fiction in particular can really do well if the audience is kept in mind. Other topics that have traditionally done really well for self-publishers include science fiction, crime/detective novels, romance etc.

The Bookstore Not The End Game

If your goal is to get your eBook to a real brick and mortar bookstore, then you would be setting yourself up for a disappointment. Like already mentioned, brick and mortar stores generally never keep self-published books, unless they hit the best-seller bracket. The ideal method is to publish your eBook on a popular publishing platform like Amazon, and get it distributed via their networks.

The Way Your Book Looks

Looks are important. And the design of your eBook is no different. In a traditional brick and mortar shop, designers go all out to design the most stand-out book cover. So that it catches the attention of passing by people. However, in the online world of an eStore (like Amazon), the trick is to design a stand-out thumbnail instead. Nobody has the time to open up the first 3-page preview of your eBook. It’s the thumbnail that matters.

Self-Publishing Is On the Rise

Not really a tip, but it’s important to keep the faith. Statistics support the fact that self-publishing is definitely on the rise. It’s an industry that’s growing at a surprising pace. Competition is getting tougher, and even more sophisticated systems (tracking, identifying, distributing etc) are being employed to keep up with the pace of change. One example is the amazing rise of affiliate commission percentage offered up by Amazon to its affiliates.

Use Your Amazon Page

The Amazon Publisher page is probably the most neglected when it comes to self-publishing your eBook. Even with all the agencies that claim to get your page ranked in the top 100 of the amazon list, you can never be guaranteed success. The secret lies in your own effort. Just ask yourself a few of the below mentioned questions before diving into creating your own Amazon page.

  • Where do you expect your audience to buy your book from?
  • Will your audience be comfortable with online purchase of your book?
  • Is your book reasonable priced to be paid with a credit card purchase?
  • Can people filter to your Amazon page via a simple search for your book’s title on Google?

Apart from this, you also need to ensure your Amazon page looks professional enough to instill confidence in your audience to go for a purchase. Design is extremely important. Make sure you hire a decent enough graphic designer to design the book cover, background images and fonts/colors for your Amazon page.