Self Publishing Tips for Writers: How to Self Publish an E-Book

Self Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing: The Better Approach

ebooksSelf publishing is a good practise these days, it gives you a good amount of advantages when compared to the ordinary publishing.

Reasons Why You Should Self Publish Your E-Book

Few reasons why you should prefer self publishing are

  • First of all, it gives you a broader approach to your own book.
  • Another great factor is that you don’t have to look for publishers which again, are not easy to find these days.
  • Self publishing your own book also gives you the chance to keep the cost under control.
  • This also gives you a great experience when it comes to marketing yourself and advertising in your own way.

The bottom line is that self publishing is a great thing and allows the aspiring writers to learn a lot. but there are some common practises people ignore while they self publish a book.

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Take a look below for the best options that you can choose to self publish your e-book, they are really simple and all you need is the basic knowledge of how the internet works.  But first, we’ll go take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of self publishing. 

Self Publishing

Advantages of Self Publishing an E-Book.

  1. The cost of self publishing an e-book is minimal, so if you are a writer on budget and want to get your work out there, this is the way to go.
  2. Once your book starts selling, and sells big, you will be in luck. Services such as Kindle Direct Publishing allows the writers to keep 70 percent of the amount they earn. Now all you need is a brilliantly written book and a competitive price.
  3. If you are worrying about keeping the rights to the book, then don’t, publishing your book online offers a great advantage of letting you keep your rights to yourself. This is great for those who are not comfortable with giving away their rights to publishers since the situation can go south without a warning.

 Disadvantages of Self Publishing an E-Book

  1. When it comes to publishing an e-book online, it means that you will be taking care of all the aspects of the book, this means you’ll be in full control of both editing marketing.
  2. As we all know, e-books don’t cost much. If you are willing to earn huge profits through e-books, you’d have to make sure that your book is competitively priced and sells a lot.
  3. Despite the fact that Amazon lets you keep 70 percent of your profit, the remaining 30 percent is still a huge amount if you are still learning to stand on your own.

E-Book Publishing Services: Which E-Book Publisher is Best for You?ebook_self_publishing

We are narrowing down to a total of four services you can use to publish your e-book, each service is good and recommended, you can check them all out below. Furthermore, you can have a look at the useful e-book formats for an easier reading and publishing experience.


WordPress is one of the most common and most used platforms when it comes to publishing. While the platform itself doesn’t completely serve as one to publish your e-books, thanks to some plug-ins, that let you sell your e-books online without much of a hassle. To save you the trouble, one of the best plug-ins that gets the job done is WooCommerce (link at the end) WooCommerce lets you open up a store, take the payments and then sell your e-books. It’s a really simple method and the job gets done.

You can get WooCommerce from here.


Gumroad is another interesting site that lets you create and then sell your digital content on the internet, The website was designed by designed by the founder/CEO Sahil Lavingia the mind behind Gumroad wanted to something different and cost efficient, hence, he created this website and it went huge. Plus, it also saves you the 30 percent Tax you’ll be charged if you go for Amazon.


Squarespace has been in the business for 7 years or so, and it is one of the best ways to publish your e-book on the internet, when it was launched, one of the biggest changes that came with it was the commerce system. Squarespace offers turnkey transactions with great ease, Squarespace also offers a very amazing digital delivery system. All of this is built right into the publishing platform. According to the CEO of Squarespace, Anthony Casalena. The most requested feature that made its way to the platform was bringing in the commerce feature to the platform and it was a great success.


Publishing through Amazon is often refrained because they charge you 30 percent behind every sale. But looking at the bright side, it’s actually a good idea and in some ways, better than others. Why? Amazon has a LARGE user base hailing from all over the globe. When it comes to Amazon, it is simply unbeatable, why? Having millions of customers from across the globe isn’t a small thing. This is one thing you won’t be getting if you choose something other than Amazon.

Unless of course you have a a huge social media following and people you can easily mail telling them to look at your product, you can do some good. This will let you save yourself from the tax, and know the people who actually buy your books. But if you are not heavy on the followings, and want to hit big, then Amazon is your best bet.