What is National Soup Month

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What is National Soup Month?

National Soup Month, as the name suggests, is the cold month of the year which is January. Soup is associated with a warming up effect which is preferred on chilly winter day. Hence, keeping in mind the abundance of cold weather in January, this month is considered to be perfect in terms of celebrating a hot bowl of soup of different kinds.

National Soup Month: The History Behind Soup

The history of soup can be traced back to as long as the Neolithic Age, with evidences that show that people who might have passed away through natural processes, lived a longer life even before the discovery of milk that was used later for keeping such masses alive. Soup appears to be the very probable way of providing nourishment to these people who could be simply a broth prepared from meat and boiling water. In the olden days, boiling was not considered as a common technique for cooking till the time when waterproof containers were invented. These containers came in the shape of pouches created out of animal skin of clay. This happened around 9,000 years ago.

From “Sop” to “Soup”

This takes us to as far as 6000 B.C where the main source of meat for soup was Hippopotamus. It is a known fact that soup was sold by the Greeks in the streets and their market place that means soup must have been their initial most fast foods. In reality, before they started adding beans, lentils and various other ingredients, soup was only a broth which was poured over bread or bread was dipped into it. People enjoyed pouring bits of break in the soup.

Also, they used to pour soup over broken pieces of bread in a platter so that it would soak the entire broth and then they will eat it. With the passage of time, the bread was placed in deep bowls instead of platter and the liquid became the pain ingredient rather than the bread. This particular bread was known as sop that later developed into a word that we are all familiar with “soup”. The bread was then dipped in a thick stew also known as the soup.

During 1800’s, turtle soup was served to the guests of President Abraham Lincoln. Moreover it is known that Alexander Graham used to drink his soup with a glass straw.

Soup in the Modern Era

In the modern era, soup can be bought in a cup, can, packet or bowl. Majority of the people enjoy soup in the cold weather to enjoy the feeling of being warm with a bowl of soup on a chilly day. However, soup is considered to be a treat for many in other seasons as well. There is a huge selection of soups in various restaurants to choose from. Today, soup is taken as something that is used for sopping up food. There are different activities associated with soups and their celebrations in the modern world. There are soup drinking competitions, soup cooking contests and a number of recipes for soups that contain everything ranging from turtles to duck blood to peanuts.

Soup Consumption

Around 10 billion bowls of soup as an estimate are consumed every year in United States. These mostly include those people who are extremely fond of traditional soups such as tomato and chicken noodle soup. Soup is mostly consumed in the National Soup Month where people drink it not only to keep themselves warm from the cold weather but also as a means for pleasure and enjoyment to celebrate the month.

Soup in Different Countries

People from all over the world love drinking soup. Each country around the globe has its own traditional recipes of soup which have been followed since a long time. In reality, it can be said that soup is one of the oldest kind of nutritious food linked with bread. It is enjoyed different in distinct countries.

Classifications of Soup

There are two main categories for classifying soups into: thick soups and clear soups. The French categorization of clear soups is known as consommé and bouillon.

Thick soups are categorized according to the kind of thickening ingredient used in them.

  • For the vegetable soups that are thickened with the help of starch, the name given is purees.
  • Soups that are made from pureed shellfish and thickened through cream are called bisques.
  • Cream soups which are made thick with béchamel sauce are a separate category.
  • On the other hand soups which are thickened with cream, eggs and butter are called veloutes.

Other ingredients that can be used for thickening soups and broth are grain, rice and flour.

Variety in Soups

Soup is basically a liquid that is prepared by mixing various ingredients such as vegetables, beans, meat and spices all cooked in a hot water stock till a flavor is extracted from it when a broth forms. Soups range from the creamy, thick and full of calories Chowder or Bisque to the ones based on water and have a healthier broth, to the ones laden with vegetables and chilies.

This shows that almost every nation around the globe has its own very unique kind of recipe for soup. Majority of the restaurants also provide “soup of the day”, which consists of a home-made kind of soup that served as a starter to the main course. For all the soup lovers out there, Soup Month is the chance to expand your palate and taste a unique flavor of the soup.

How is Soup Month Celebrated?

National Soup Month is celebrated mostly in United States, but it appears that since the tradition is becoming more popular, other countries have started observing this day too. This is so because majority of other ethnicities and countries all have their popular bowl of soup. Another reason for soup month being celebrated by every other country nowadays is because internet has facilitated the sharing of a range of different soup recipes from all over the world which helps people in trying different types of soups.

Origin of Soup Month Holiday

There are several assumptions pertaining to the celebration of National Soup Month and its origin. Some believe that there must have been a very famous soup company or any health linked organization that created this month and holiday as well. However, till date there have been no evidences in terms of congressional records as well as presidential proclamations that call this a “National” Soup Month and declare a holiday for it. Regardless of this fact, there are many countries that celebrate this month along with a holiday.

The recognition for this holiday is found from different websites over the internet as well as calendar sites that share information and blogs regarding this holiday. A number of these web pages discuss different kinds of soups from all over the globe. On the other hand, some provide the readers with homemade soup recipes as well. Most of such websites discuss recipes of chicken noodle soups and tomato soups which are considered as the most popular ones. They are believed to be the top picks when it comes to soups selection.

National Soup Swap Month: Swapping of Soup

There is another celebration linked with the National Soup Month which is National Soup Swap Month. This is also observed in the month of January. People of United States have a lot of fondness for soups that there are a number of celebrations associated with it. Due to the growing popularity of soup these days, one single day cannot be declared a holiday for it.

Hence, it was decided that a whole month will be dedicated for celebrating the soup swapping. In this activity, different people host a soup swap party at their home where every guest brings in a unique kind of soup and the recipes and flavors are exchanged. Soup Swap Month is also celebrated in different clubs, churches and organizations who advertise this day with immense zeal. This month is also very famous among the housing communities.

Therefore, it can be seen that soup has an interesting history. It is one of the earliest fast foods invented by people and sold in the market places. It has been evolving since years and with the passage of time, the recipes and ingredients have been changing. People use it mainly for getting nourishment and in the modern era for getting warm in the winter season. It is because of this fact that National Soup Month is celebrated in the month of January to enable people to consume more soup and celebrate this month according to their choice. They arrange get together, visit different restaurants and try new recipes of soups at home. All in all, it is a way of enjoying one of the most delicious and favorite food around the globe and is celebrated in various countries that share unique recipes of soups over the internet.