Do You Have Your Personality Essence Blended Into Your Writing?

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Writing comes to you naturally like singing, art or beauty

Either you are born a writer or not

You need to have a way with words

Well, these are some of the infamous liners which you might have come across while struggling with your words and effort towards becoming an author. Let me tell you this, it is not true.

Yes there are a few things which only nature can endow you with like luck, fortune and the like but writing definitely does not make the list.

Unveiling Your Writing Personality

What you bring from nature is your personality and the essence of your character.

This is what directs your writing profile and would dominate your course of words. We know that each one of our famous writers have a distinct style and manner of writing. If Shakespeare was known for his Elizabethan era style while J.K Rowling comes forth as the queen of magical fantasy then we come to see that they have customary styles of producing content.

They have a writing personality.

They have the essences of their characters blended deep in their characters, plots and events.

The personality of a writer is not necessarily evident in his work. It shines through and only unveils when you go through more of their work.

How to Electrify Your Writing Personality?

All of us are born with writing personalities. They are like the essences of perfumery extracted from specific plants, herbs and flowers forming their essential oils. You need to find the cult of your existence and look for complimentary elements that enhance your innate skills. The benchmark for this practice is to look for elements; colors, settings, people, art, literature that you feel home with and the use or experience of which is a pleasure.

The next step is to find concurring people who in today’s social media sphere is no task at all Join communities, pages and forums and start networking with like-minded personalities.

Preserve Your Personal Essence

The most crucial element in your creative writing life is to preserve your personal character and grow it. For this you need to constantly get inspired and network with people who share your lens to see the world. During my interaction with people I have observed that there are two kinds.

One kind thrives by sucking the energy of others. These are sick beasts with low levels of personal adorability and a creative balance. Hence they suck out your positive energy and leave you a crippled mass. Though the true creative types get back on their feet, sooner or later but continual experiences are a draw on personal energy levels.

So, never ever let an energy sucking vampire lurk close to you.

The other kind brims with a positive energy and radiate confidence, self-assurance and have a general aura of assurance. These are the types that you should seek for. Getting into their close circuits would benefit you a lot in terms of confidence boost and self-assurance.