Ebooks vs Paperbacks: Which is Better

Ebooks Versus Paperback Books/ Hardcovers

Ever since the inception of ebook readers, there has been a consistent war between those who think that ebooks are better and the purists who believe that an ebook can never manage to capture the feeling of an paperback. Yes, opting for an ebook does come with a fair share of advantages but the same goes for a paperback.

Even though both of the options have their advantages over the other one, the war between the ebook readers and the paperback lovers never end. Yes, ebooks are a lot cheaper than traditional paperbacks and you can store several ebooks on one ebook reader without having too carry much weight with you. To further explore the horizon and jump to the conclusion regarding the better medium to read the books. We have created some points that show the ways ebooks are better than paperbacks and the opposite. You can read the detailed analysis below.ebooks_versus_paperbacks


How Paperbacks Are Better Than eBooks

Let’s have a quick go through why printed books are better as compared to eBooks.

Reselling Them

One of the biggest advantage of owning paperbacks is you can resell them without having to go through any hassle. This option is not available to you if you own an ebook. It works a lot like digital music or something similar. You can sell your music CDs and records easily, but you can’t sell them if you have purchased them online. So if you are into collecting paperback books and you are willing to let some of the books go so you can buy new ones, just sell them and upgrade your collection. As long as your books are in pristine condition, you won’t even have to worry about the prices you will be getting.

No Chance of Malfunctioning

Another great advantage paperbacks have over ebooks is the fact that they can never malfunction. Yes, they will start showing signs of wear and tear.

They Can Be Resold and and tear if you don’t look after them properly, but apart from that, they won’t die on you. An ebook reader is an electronic device, and it can easily malfunction. This will not only stop you from reading your books, you may even end up losing your collection, and then there is the awful wait if you claim your warranty or repair costs if god forbid the warranty is expired on it and even if you end losing your book you can just go to the book store and buy another copy, no hassles.

No Devices Required

Owning a paperback will eliminate the need of having an extra device (mobile or a computer) to download new books on to your ebook. For example, if you are travelling to a remote location and you don’t have access to your devices, you won’t be able to download books to your ebook. However, you can always go to any book shop or a library and get yourself a paperback and start reading. This also eliminates the need of charging your ebook reader every once in a while. Yes, the ebooks have a really good battery life, specially the ones with ink display, but in case you forget to charge your device or bring your charger along with you while travelling. The only way out will be buying a new charger.

Easy To Read

Let’s accept it, ebook readers are still not a widespread commodity, many people still read the books on their phones or their computers, while they don’t really feel anything, but speaking of long term reading, this can have a drastic impact on their eyesight. While the ebook readers with ink screen won’t hurt your eyes, the majority still sticks to the mobile phones or computers. In this case, reading from a paperback is a safe and healthy way and it can prevent your eyesight from going bad.


The last one is a bit ludicrous but you have to accept that the feeling of holding a new paperback specially if you are a book lover is one of the best feelings in the world. The smell of the paper, the feel when you hold the book in your hand and skim through the pages, looking at the fine quality of the paper used in printing and the font. While this can be done on an ebook, but you can never actually feel it. Using an ebook will give you the same experience every single time while it’s completely different and surreal when it comes to paperbacks.

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The Advantages and Benefits of eBooks Versus Traditional Books

Let’s go through the advantages eBooks have as compared to traditional books.

Easy To Carry

A great advantage that ebook gets over traditional paperbacks is the mobility, you can carry your ebook with you anywhere you want. If you are an avid reader, it’s quite safe to say that you read a lot while you are travelling and carrying a lot of books for you, specially if they are paperback, is not an easy to task. However, buying an ebook reader will solve your issue as you would only have to carry one device with all your favourite books in one place, and if you are on a long flight, you can always switch between books easily, this can’t be done if you own paperbacks.

Cheaper Than Paperbacks

Ebooks are always cheaper than paperbacks because they cover lesser publication cost and there is printing cost and minimal cost. As a matter of fact, oftentimes you will find ebooks available for free on the internet. This is great for those who want to read but can’t afford or facing a tight budget. Opting for ebooks just require a one time investment because you will have to buy an ebook reader, after that, books don’t cost much and are even free at times.

Readily Available

When it comes to ebooks, there is no wait. You can start reading your ebook as soon as you pay for it. However, the same isn’t the case with paperbacks, yes, you can buy them at the spot there are chances that you might not be able to find them due to reasons such as depletion of stock. Also, if you are ordering a book online, it’ll take a couple of days for it to reach you if everything goes as planned. It can even take up to a week if the book you want isn’t in stock. You won’t be facing any such issues if you opt for ebooks.


Ebook readers give you the freedom to personalise your experience. For example, if the font you are reading is too big or too small, you can always resize the font accordingly. That’s not all, you can also increase or decrease how dark your font is. This, however, can’t be done on a traditional paperback, our eyes can only take too much pressure and prolonged reading can cause headaches and strain on your eyes making you stop reading the book and take a break. Considering how most of the ebook readers are now using ink screens, this issue hardly occurs.

That’s not all, when it comes to ebooks, you can easily read them at night without having the need to turn on the lamp, this is really helpful if you don’t sleep alone in your room since many people prefer pitch black darkness to falls asleep.

Access Your Library In One Place

The last and probably the biggest advantage you get with an ebook reader is the ability to store all of your books at one place, this is a really great feature for those who want to keep their books with them even when they are traveling. However, if you own a lot of books, you are going to need to invest in a big book shelf to accommodate your collection, But having an ebook reader doesn’t create any such issue, all your books are organised in one small handheld device that you can access any time you want.

So that was the comparison between your traditional paperback and the ebooks. Speaking of personal experience, I have always founded paperbacks better than ebooks in almost every aspect. The next is completely on you. Stay tuned for more.