What is a Balassi Stanza?

Balassi Stanza Definition n Poem Examples

Definition of Balassi Stanza

Balassi Stanza can be defined as,

“A stanza or verse form, consisting of nine line, with syllable counts 667667667. The rhyming structure for a Balassi Stanza is bbaccadda”.

History and Origin

The Balassi stanza is named after the Hungarian Balint Balassi (1554-1594), regarded as the first great lyricist of the Hungarian language.  This form of stanza has been extensively used in most of Balassi’s works.

Balassi was developed from the existing three line form, consisting of 19 syllables per line and modified it by adding the internal rhyming structure.

Example of Balassi Stanza Poems

Your sandwich problems solved!

Our menu has evolved

Till all can be satisfied.

Now we’ve reached perfection.

Natural selection

Has been working on our side.

Both sides of the river

We’ll gladly deliver

Our bikes can rove city-wide.

Do you prefer cheese bap

Or Cajun chicken wrap?

We have just the thing for you.

Tomatoes with rocket

In a pitta pocket?

No problem! We do that too.

And you shouldn’t forget

Our minted lamb baguette –

Though a touch pricey, it’s true.

Darwin’s Deli