Why did Thomas More Write Utopia

why did thomas more write utopia

Thomas More was born on February 7th, 1478 to Sir John More. Thomas More was a politician, a devoted Catholic, a writer and held many other positions. More refused to sign the Oath of Supremacy that would have given more powers to king of the time than the pope. He was imprisoned in the Tower of London and was tried for not signing the oath. As a consequence he was guillotined July 7th, 1535.

Creation of The Utopia

As a writer Sir Saint Thomas More is famous for his book Utopia that paved way for the Utopian literature. It was published in 1516. In the novel a traveler Raphael describes an imaginary country on an island, Utopia, to More and Pieter Gillis. Through Utopia, More tries to suggest changes that can improve the European society. He presents Utopia as an example.

In Utopia there are equal opportunities for men and women to get education, people did not own land as private property, religious tolerance is practiced but the atheists are not welcomed. It was believed that if a man does not fear a God and has no concept of an afterlife, he is not trustworthy because would consider himself having absolute authority.

Message of Hope and Humanism

Thomas More was Christian Humanist and Utopia reflects Humanism with More’s religious inclination added to it. He showed through the novel that humanity can bring greatness if it’s according to God’s instructions. More hoped that the king he served could think like a humanist. Thomas More’s Utopia awoke social consciousness in the writers and they started using their writings for spreading messages and portraying reality instead of pure entertainment.