• Jeff Louis

    Good for Eric. He let his son fall through a railing on a deck that was high off the ground. I love the song, and can feel the grief in it, but as a parent, maybe he should have been WATCHING HIS SON.

  • Amy

    LOLzzz…. No actually Eric was not there when the incident took place. The kid was with his mother at her friend’s apartment. So you can say, it was more a case of over-indulgent-female-gossip.

  • “Would you know my name If I saw you in heaven (…)”
    Wow I had no luck to meet with Eric and didn’t knew anything about his tragedy, yet his verses sound as if they were written by me myself- as my own confession.
    As I am writing with the dictionary, thus it’s logical to think that time will improve my writing skills (I will learn English), yet the questions will remain the same. Because we are learning just the grammar rules, meanwhile our writing styles are defined by the way we live.
    I echo Eric: Yes, I must be strong.
    And that’s ridiculous out of itself, because I live as the disabled… Nevertheless I am strong indeed – I am sharing my pictures with all on the web and I trust in love that never wither in the temporal beauty of the vases, but radiates the light and reflects the heaven
    so I am proud of having your link on my blog, and dare to ask you for the reciprocal link.
    Please visit my blog and browse through my archives. I hope you will enjoy my art colors and you joy will become my joy too.

  • Amy

    All of us have disabilities Tomas, one way or the other. Some show, other do not…. and we all learn to live with em’. Some proudly (like you) while others decide on to go on complaining and whining about life, luck and destiny.

    Guess, life is what we make of it!
    P.S. Bravo for you !

  • Gisela Diaz

    Good parent, bad parent. That is not the point. It always amazes me how from such terrible pain a person can write something so beautiful. Like with great poems, novels or essays, usually, they are great when they come from suffering and pain.
    The thought of not belonging in heaven even if there is a heaven is always in my thoughts. We all are less than we should.

  • Amy

    @ Gislea: ya I agree, you create when you suffer!

  • Sharyn

    We must remember it was God’s own Son who did the suffering and pain on our behalf in order for us to be with Him in heaven. There is no one on this earth that can claim they are truly “good” enough to be there. He paid the price for those who believe in Him. Read John 3:16, if you have a Bible.

    What year did Eric Clapton write “cocaine”?

  • Amy

    Eric Clapton didn’t write cocaine. It was written by J.J Cale in 1976 and released in 1977.

  • leeanna

    omg…. im sorry eric i cryed when i herd this song…..:( srry ilov u and this song….

  • Sarah

    Amy your awesome for sticking up for Eric! This conversation is mostly ignorant. This song makes me well-up when I hear it. Very tragic, in anyway for anyone

  • Anonymous

    tis song is beautiful eric its a master picece seriouly like its soooooooooo amazing:)

  • Donna

    I have lost many people in my life, young and old. When i hear this song i think of them all. Like Eric says, i must be strong, and i try to be.
    God rest his little boy and the ones i love too xxx

  • Vet

    Losing many people in my life, father, grandparents, friends, etc – I lost two of my sons – no matter what your experience may be – no one will ever understand the feeling of losing a child unless they lost one themself – in my case, two.

  • John

    Its help for my bible study