Writing Software Reviews for Easy Working

Writing Software Reviews

The world of technology has left no stone unturned literally. Every field of life is influenced by technology so how can writers remain unaware of such fantastic expertise entering their way?  
A writing software will not only help in enhancing your writing ability but it contains a range of appropriate tools that can be fruitful in converting your words into a proper and good piece of writing while you are working on it. 

So far, there is a wide range and variety of writing softwares and tools which are specifically tailored to the needs of a specific field, listed below:

Essay writing softwaresReport writing softwares
Check writing softwarePolicy writing software
Creative writing softwareStory writing software
Business writing software for technical documentationGrant application writing softwares
Novel writing softwaresBook writing software

Reviewing the Top Notch Softwares for Writing

Today we will specifically see that which writing software is getting the best reviews from people around the globe for the general purpose of writing. This list will help you in better selection of the writing software which you might be thinking of going for.

1) WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke software has the ability to check and also correct any little written piece that you might want to get checked before submitting. And it works all of that with just a click of your mouse. WhiteSmoke is intelligent because it analyses the context of your document and checks your sentences accordingly.

It is pretty user friendly and even an ordinary computer user can quickly get the hang of it. WhiteSmoke also offers some good tutorials that enhance your writing capability. Its translation function and up to date dictionary is another interesting add on feature to the software.

2) CorrectEnglish

CorrectEnglish has a really interesting thing about it which is that this particular software is that it not only marks your mistakes in a written piece, but it also explains to you the reason for marking the word or the sentence as a mistake.

This is an intelligent feature added by the developers because this makes the user learn more and he is likely to commit lesser mistakes next time he writes something. CorrectEnglish is quick in check your document and delivering the results of its assessment. Currently this software is based online and offers a good evaluation of the word usage and grammar in your manuscript.

3) Microsoft Word

MS Word, of course the most common software of all! Microsoft’s writing enrichment ability should not be ignored at all. It marks the grammatical mistakes by underlining them with a green zigzag line and marks the spelling mistakes by a similar red line. The software also has the ability to ‘Auto-Correct’ your mistakes, but sometimes the correction may be something you need to check before allowing the software to do it. When you write a word incorrectly it gives you a list of suggested words to choose from – this is an intelligent capability of this software. Microsoft Word provides loads of tools to enhance your written piece and is also quite user-friendly as well.

4) WordPerfect

WordPerfect software is a good and capable piece for drafting your words by Corel. Its depth of checking the document is quite accurate, leaving very few chances of mistakes in its precision. All the crucial mistakes are caught quickly by it.

Another feature of this software is that it gives you a free hand of either accepting or rejecting its suggested mistakes unlike Microsoft Word. It comes along with a complete thesaurus as well as an advanced dictionary. Not only that, it also brings some few but very fine Writing Templates which can serve as a guide to writers before they begin their written work.

5) Grammarly

Grammarly is an online one and that is why it is reasonably easy to access.  Grammarly makes you aware that why it marked a particular sentence or a word as a mistake. It marks mistakes in red color and when you click that error, it brings a card in front of you which clearly explains you that why this was considered wrongly written by the software. It has a fast grammar checker. One interesting feature of Grammarly is that it has a plagiarism detector too. So you can also check your document to remove any sign of plagiarism from it as well.

6) Writer’s Workbench

Writer’s Workbench does actually live up to its unique name. It readily offers you appropriate tools on how to write well. The very exclusive feature of this software is that, it can be incorporated with Microsoft Word. It can work for you offline as well, so even if you do not have an internet connection this software will work for you.

This software is the perfect choice for academic writers because it works like a professor or a supervisor on your document. It constantly keeps telling you the several points where you should change your document till the point where it admits that now your written document is fine and worthy to be submitted. Writer’s Workbench provides you with a whooping 25 kinds of analyses for your manuscripts. Thus it is truly an asset to have if you are an academic writer and interested in investing a good amount of time while analyzing your document.