Top Android Wear Apps

Best Android Wear Apps You Can Get

best-android-wear-appsAndroid Wear is an all new platform that was announced by Google earlier this year, as the name suggests the platform is built specifically for the Android wearable devices such as the newly released smart watches from the likes of LG, Sony and Motorola. Since it is a relatively newer platform, users can run into some issues while finding useful apps on their Android Wear device, but don’t worry, there are still a good number of apps that you can get on your Android Wear device, these apps range from different categories, the categories are; productivity, weather, and a lot more.

You can check out all the apps below.

Top Android Wear Apps You Must Have


TockleAn odd name, right? Don’t be fooled, Tockle is a full fledged control centre for your Android Wear. Using Tockle, you can do tasks such as toggling the WiFi on or off, send messages and tasks such as this. But this isn’t even the best feature about Tockle, one of the best features about this app is the ability to import your Tasker commands. Tockle is also very good when it comes to voice commands integration, and the best thing about it? Everything comes absolutely free

Tockle also offers profiles for contextual actions such as time, WiFi and other features such as ‘Ok, Google’ and so on.

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Wear HQ For Android Wear

Android Wear HQTo be honest, it isn’t exactly an app for your Android Wearable. So what is it doing in the list? Well it serves as a citadel for all the newly released Android Wear apps. That’s not all, Wear HQ for Android Wear also allows you to find a plethora of great Android Wear watch faces as well as new accessories for your Android Wear. Still want more? You will be notified every time there’s a new Android Wear App or a watch face is available for you to get.

The app is free, but it does come with in-app purchases.

Find My Phone

Find My PhoneThe name pretty much explains itself, Find My Phone for Android Wear is an amazing, handy app that finds your phone in case you have lost it somewhere. The app functions in a very simple way, all you need to do is to tap and it will make your phone start playing an alarm which will make it easier for you to search your phone, provided it is still somewhere in the vicinity. The app comes in both free and paid versions. While the free version does take care of pretty much all the basics. However, if you opt to go for the paid version, you will be able to set the alert of your choice, also, the flash on your phone will start blinking. Last but not the least, your watch will notify you when you move away from your phone. Great, isn’t it?

android_appsAeris Wear Weather

Aeris Wear WeatherAeris Wear Weather, as the name suggests, is made exclusively for your Android Wear device, it is one of the best weather apps you can get on your Android Wear and has a fully fledged set of weather options. Just like the previous apps in the list, Aeris Wear Weather also comes in a free and a paid version, while the free version covers you with basics such as the weather including the current and upcoming forecast, getting the paid version will be granting you a radar and some customisation options as well. If you are looking for a complete weather app for your Android Wear, look no further.

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Runtastic Running and Fitness

RuntasticIf you own a smart watch, the chance of you using it as a witness tracker are very high. Smart watches are great when it comes to fitness tracking. Despite the fact that Android Wear comes with its own app that counts your steps, it is quite basic. However, this isn’t the same case with Runtastic Running and Fitness, the app is specifically designed for your fitness needs. It is a fully featured fitness app that can tell you how many calories you have burned how many steps you have walked, how much distance in total you have covered.

That’s not all, you can even use voice commands on this app, it is a must app for all those who are looking to improve their fitness, and the best thing about this app? It’s absolutely free with no additional in-app purchases.

Wear Music Controller

Wear Music ControllerWhile a lot of music apps on Play Store have started to support Android Wear, we still have a lot of music apps that are not supporting the new platform and/or really buggy. Luckily, Wear Music Controller helps us in this case. The app works in a very simple way, it lets you control the music player on your phone. However, there is a slight problem here. It works with most of the music players but not all, many people have also complained that the app doesn’t work with their music players, while others are quite satisfied with it. Whatever the case is, the app is free, so you can simply download and see if it is your cup of tea.


DuolingoDuolingo is another great app you can get on your Android Wear. As the name subtly suggests, Duolingo is a language learning app. For those who don’t know, the app is already available on phones and tablets and is finally making its way to the Android Wear, while Duolingo is still lacking most of the basic features, it is still a good app if you are looking for a fun, productive game that will also teach you some of the basics of different languages. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Toggles Wear

Toggles WearToggles Wear is another great app that can allows the users to control their smart phone using their smart watch. All you need to do is download the app to your Android Wear and get started, the app comes with the ability to toggle features such as WiFi and Bluetooth, you can also control the volume and increase or decrease it using the Toggles Wear. The sad thing about the app is that it isn’t free so you can’t be sure whether or not it will help you with your tasks. However, you can buy it, test it and if it doesn’t suit your needs, you can always return it within the refunding time that is. In case you are interested in buying the app, you can do that by for $1.31.

Calc Wear (Android Wear)

Calc WearCalc Wear is one of the many calculator apps you can get on your Android Wear, yes, there are a lot of calculator apps you can get on your Android Wear but this one happens to be the finest. It supports almost all of the smart watches, however, Moto 360 is currently not in the list but the developer ‘shortCode’ have assured the users that it will soon add the support for Motorola’s smart watch as well. You can calculate almost all the basic maths with Calc Wear, it will also take care of the conversions, matrices and few other stuff related to maths. The app is absolutely free with no in-app purchases.

Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini LauncherThe last app on the list is Wear Many Launcher. When it comes to accessing the app drawer on your Android Wear, you normally have to issue a voice command, click the arrow or scroll down and hit the start. All of this seems unnecessary and revokes a need of easy access in the user. Wear Mini Launcher takes care of the exact issue. When you get the Wear Mini Launcher, all you need to do to access the app drawer is swiping from either the corner or the edge of your Android Wear device and your app drawer will appear. Secondly, the app also offers its own control centre that lets you control the volume, toggle Bluetooth and WiFi. The app is completely free of cost, though if you are feeling generous, you can always donate from with in the up.

Final Words

While Android Wear is still relatively new, the platform has great ambitions. Looking at the list of amazing apps we are already seeing for the platform, and by how they keep increasing everyday, it will be safe to say that the Android Wear is going to be the next big thing people will be considering alongside their smartphones. Stay tuned for more.