Pocket App: A “Read It Later” App To Curate and Create Quality Content

StumbleUpon might be a distant memory for many, but its essence lives on even today in the form of the so called “Read It Later” Apps, that helps you to create and “save” content for later viewing.

Every single day, we are exposed to an humongous amount of information in the form of articles, images, and videos, that are exactly what you want, but just do not have the time to go through them.


Pocket AppThis is where a “Read It Later” app like Pocket comes in. Pocket, previously known as just “Read It Later”, was among the first on scene in the “Read It Later” category of apps. The most impressive feature of this app is the compatibility it has with so many devices. From computers to tablets to smartphones, Pocket app works like a charm. The supported devices include iOS, Android, PC, Macintosh, Windows Phone, Chrome, and BlackBerry to name a few.

The Interface

Looks wise, Pocket has improved a lot. The new interface offers a grid based view of all the articles you have bookmarked for later reading. Our personal favorite is the filtering feature which can help you sort out articles, images and videos from each other. However, even with all the whole face-lift, Pocket still has the feel of “Read It Later”.

Third Party App Support

Pocket works well with other apps such as Flipboard, Pulse, TweetBot, Reddit, Chrome and more. A simple tap of the “Pocket” button will save any content (article, image, video) to your Pocket App, which then you can access at a later time.

In a nut-shell, Pocket can do the following for you:

– Sharing is easy. You can send any content saved in your Pocket app to your friends via Email or the accounts of other Pocket users.

– You have 2 different types of screens for viewing your content in the Pocket app; the tiled card, and a list-view.

–  Not only does the app save an article for you, but also downloads the images and videos within that article, so you can have the full experience without connecting to the internet again.

– Users have the option to choose from a variety of fonts, including different sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

What has your experience of using the Pocket app? Does it make life easier for you or is it another one of those apps that use up your time without making things easier for you. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!