Evernote Review 2014: How To Get Your Life Organized

Evernote is a brilliant To-Do list app that offers seamless synchronization of your notes on multiple devices and platforms. With an app like Evernote, you can create, edit and share your most important notes across your phone, tablet and even personal computers/laptops. This way, you can have the luxury of having access to your most important information at all times, anywhere and everywhere!

Such amount of cross-device access makes Evernote particularly handy with team-based collaborations. The interface at first might look slightly confusing and a bit complicated to navigate. But once, with a bit of tinkering around, it gets pretty simple and easy to understand. In no time, you’ll have your very own personalized assistant to help you around with getting your life organized!

In this article, we’ll go through some useful tips on how to better manage your notes in Evernote, and helping you improve your productivity in general using the app.

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Saving Notes With The ‘Tag’ Option

We all have different types of notes we need to save on a daily basis. Some ideas are related to work, while others are mostly casual etc. The feature that Evernote gives you is the ‘Tag’ option through which you can easily manage different sets of notes without sifting through each and every one of them individually.

Before saving a new note, Evernote lets you add a ‘Tag’ to it, which basically categorizes that particular note for later viewing. You can even add a small description to better describe the note and the tag under which it’s listed.

Use the ‘Audio Notes’ Feature

Too lazy to type in text for a note? You can simply say it out using the Audio Note feature. Simply click on the Audio note option, and tap the Record button to say your note out loud. The note will be saved as an audio file, once you’re done.

The note will appear under your notes list, and have a speaker button icon in front of it, signifying that it’s an audio note.

The Handwritten Notes Feature

Don’t like speaking out to save a note? No problem. You can use the Handwritten Notes feature to actually write your notes down. It’s quick, and easy to do. If you’re on a tablet (or a smartphone with a screen pen in hand), you can quickly jot down what’s on your mind.

But that’s not all, you can even save screenshots from a mobile device and save it as a note in your Evernote app. The possibilities are endless!

Managing Your Evernote App

So how can you have all your notes synced across multiple devices? While creating a new notebook, simply choose the option of “Synchronized Notebook”, and all your data in that notebook will be synced across any other devices you decide to log on Evernote from.

Similarly, if you plan to keep certain notes private, you can choose the “Local Notebook” option. And when it comes to Team-based collaboration, you can use the “Shared Network” option.

We hope the above mentioned features will encourage you try out the Evernote app. We would also love to hear your opinions about the app if you’ve tried it before, and how has it helped improve your life in general?