7 Best English Dictionary Apps Everyone Should Get

Top Seven English Dictionary Apps for iOS and Android

English vocabulary is enormous, and to know the meaning of every single word is nearly impossible. So what can we do in such situations?

Well, dictionaries are designed for this purpose, but you can’t carry a dictionary every where you go or go looking for the meaning of the word on the internet because sometimes, you don’t have internet access and searching the word on dictionary takes an awful lot of time, the time which you can spend reading. Well, thanks to the technology we have, there are dictionaries that are available to download, you can simply download the dictionary and open it when you are in need of finding a meaning to the word you just read, or the word someone said to you, dictionaries are great for this purpose.

iOS and Android Apps for English Dictionary

The Play Store and the App Store are full of dictionaries, however, a good dictionary is the one that doesn’t frustrate you and gives you the meaning of the word as well its definition. There are some dictionaries that are the best you can get on your smart phone or your tablet. They have up-to-date data base and you can find the definition and the meaning of almost any word you look for. 


WordwebInitially launched on Windows, Wordweb is one of the best dictionaries out there, the dictionary comes with an impressive database, it is extremely easy to use. The dictionary is available for free on both Android and iOS. The approximate amount of words that come in Wordweb dictionary are 280,000, that being said, there are 70,000 samples about how to use them, and almost all of those words come with text pronunciation. In addition to that, Wordweb also allows you to optimise your search by filtering nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

But the best part is yet to come, Wordweb works completely offline so even if you don’t have an active internet connection at hand, you can still scour your way through the words with great ease. Last but not the least, users can also cross-index the definitions to the old Oxford and the Chambers dictionary apps.


Dictionary!The second app on the list is another impressive dictionary you can get on your Android or iDevice, the app is aptly and simply called Dictionary!. For those who don’t know, there’s a website that goes by the same name, so having this app on your phone is almost as if having the entire website on your palm. The Dictionary! comes with easy to use interface and an updated database with almost all the newly found words included.

The approximated words on Dictionary! sums up to two hundred thousands, these words come with their definitions, synonyms as well as antonyms. Last but not the least, the app also comes with a thesaurus so you won’t be needing a separate app for that. There’s another feature that pronounces the app for the user, Dictionary! also shows an interesting word every day, thanks to its Word of the Day feature. However, the best feature of this app is the ability to let the user speak the word so it can look it up and give the meaning. Just like Wordweb, this also works offline when it comes to looking for words, but not all features work offline.

Word Vault

Word VaultWorld Vault is an innovative take on dictionary, not only it serves as a dictionary, World Vault actually becomes a sort of vault where you can keep all of the words you might be needing, in addition to that, it lets you attack notes. The app comes with support of URLs so you can look up for the meanings of words that are inside different apps and then save them accordingly. While on the other hand, Word Vault acts as a normal dictionary as well that works offline as well as online.

Going online with Word Vault grants you an access to an expanded dictionary, and if you like to do a quiz with all the words you have added, Word Vault can do a review with you, the app is iOS exclusive and can be yours for just $3.99.

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 Concise English Dictionary

Concise English DictionaryThis particular dictionary is perhaps one of the best dictionaries available on iOS at the moment. Concise English Dictionary has a massive database of 4.9 million words. On top of the brilliant database, you have the ability to listen to the pronunciation for every single word in three different English accents (Australian, English and American) The app comes with absolute no annoying ads and you won’t be needing an active internet connection.

The best thing is that the app comes in 2 versions and while both versions are equally capable, if you are looking for more options, you can always go for the paid version that costs $1.99. The best thing about Concise English Dictionary apart from the features is the clean, minimalistic UI it offers. Everything is clean and appropriately placed.


DictionaryThe fifth on the list is Dictionary.com. This app comes for both iOS and Android and can be yours for $3.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad, as for the Android version, it’s free of cost, the app has an impressive data base of 2 million words, complete with synonyms, acronyms as well as definitions. Dictionary.com also comes with the ‘Word of the Day’ feature that gives you a new word every day so you can add it to your vocabulary. Furthermore, Dictionary.com also lets you save the words for future references and also allows the users to translate words from other languages.

One of the best features about Dictionary.com is the ability to buy dictionaries from within that are more focused towards different fields such as; writing, science, grammar, medical and a lot more.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary.You have probably heard about the famous website that goes by the same name, if you haven’t, then don’t worry. Merriam Webster Dictionary is based on the same popular website. It works just exactly like the website does by giving you all the definitions, as well as a section that stores all your favourite words. Merriam Webster is a full fledged dictionary that aims to be simple and effective, you won’t find any over the top features that you will be rarely using or fancy UI. You’ll only be rewarded with a dictionary that does its job perfectly.

Users will be granted access to definitions, audio pronunciations, example sentences as well as a recent section that shows you the words you have looked up recently, this makes the experience a whole lot easier. Merriam Webster Dictionary is free for both iOS and Android.

Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus

Visual Dictionary and ThesaurusThe last one on the list is probably one of the most innovative take on dictionary or thesaurus you will ever see. Instead of just giving the meaning of the word you are looking for, it presents you with a complete visual representation of how the word you searched is attached to other words. While this particular dictionary isn’t as updated when it comes to words as compared to the other dictionaries but when it comes to being unique and informative, this one takes the cake.

Currently, there are over 190,000 words and over 70,000 ways to use them, Other than that, you get the usual dictionary features including sample sentences. Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus is great for those who want some visual flare and functionality.