How To Convert a PDF File Into a PowerPoint Presentation

PDF format is a distribution-ready document format that can blend both text and images and present them in an organized manner. It was developed keeping WYSIWYG concept in mind, letting users publish their documents online without having to worry about the recipient’s PDF renderer and page print settings. Since it’s an editing-restricted format, changing the text and images in a PDF file is not an easy task. If you’re a heavy user of Microsoft Office suite apps, you may already know that they support PDF format; you can convert your Word, Excel, PowerPoint docs into PDF file. But, none of the Office apps allow converting PDF into any of the Office document formats. Today, we have a simply, yet powerful web app for you, called ConvertPDFtoPowerPoint, which lets you convert PDF into PowerPoint presentation (PPTX format).

A PDF file can be edited using a specialized PDF editing tool, but converting it into a PowerPoint slide and making changes to it would be a better option if you were to make presentations out of PDF document. Converting is pretty simple and this article will show you exactly how it’s done.

There are a lot of desktop PDF converters available online that one can choose for the job, but we’ve picked a web app for you, so that you don’t have to download the conversion software to your computer. Convert PDF to PowerPoint is a simple web app that can create an exact copy of PDF file in PPTX format without changing the text formatting and overall layout of the document.

Convert a PDF File to a PowerPoint Presentation

To begin, visit Convert PDF to PowerPoint website. Click the Browse button to select the desired PDF file. Next up, you will be asked to enter your email address. Your email address is required to send you the PowerPoint file as an attachment once it’s done with the conversion. Once you enter the email address, click Send button.


Now, it will show you the estimated conversion time. Clicking continue with online conversion link at the bottom will start the upload process. Once uploaded, wait for the given conversion time and then check your email account for email from Convert PDF to Powerpoint website. Click the link in the email to access the download link in the following page, which will let you save the converted PowerPoint file to your hard drive.

The following screenshot can help you visually analyze the quality of converted PPTX file.

PDF Convert to PPTX
Did I mention that the converted PPTX file will be available for download for only 24 hours?

If you’re using any other web or desktop app that can produce better results, do let us know in the comments.