5 Best Keyboards for Writers in iOS 8

When Apple went ahead with the announcement of iOS 8, one of the biggest changes that was introduced was the support for third party keyboards. This is something Apple fans wanted for a long time, and something that has been long available on Android. When Apple announced this feature, fans rejoiced and several third party developers started designing the keyboards optimised for iOS 8. Developers behind Swift Key, Swype, Minum and Fleksy came forth with their own keyboards designed from scratch, just for iOS 8.

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How to Install and Setup a Third Party Keyboard in iOS8

And in a matter of weeks, people started migrating from the stock keyboard to much more flexible and personalised keyboards.The process of installing and setting a third party keyboard is fairly simple. All you need to do is get the keyboard from the App Store, after the keyboard has been installed. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and then Add Keyboard from there, you can select the keyboard you have downloaded from Third Party Keyboards.

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Restrictions You Might Face After Installing Third Party Keyboard in iOS8

However, there is a slight setback here that might not appeal to everyone, Apple may have let the third party developers invade the system and let them bring their own tools, but the company didn’t do so without restrictions. If you are going to install a third party keyboard, keep in mind that there are some restrictions that you will be facing once you start preferring the aftermarket keyboard over the stock one. The restrictions aren’t as icky as some might say. Before we start exploring the keyboard options, you can check out all the restrictions you will be facing below.

  1. All the third party keyboards will be restricted from using Siri’s dictation.
  2. Dictionary as well as the main keyboard settings can be accessed only by Apple’s stock keyboard.
  3. Third party keyboards are not allowed to access and use some of the secured text fields.
  4. All third party keyboards should be able to stretch accordingly to the width of the phone’s display.

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Best Keyboards for Writers in iOS8

Now that you know what the restrictions are, let’s head to the best keyboards you can get on your iOS 8.


oie_transparentSwiftkey is undoubtedly one of the best keyboards on Android and now it has made its way to iOS 8 as well, it is completely built from scratch, yet carries the same functions what made the keyboard so famous at the first place. Swiftkey for iOS 8 still offers the same, brilliant auto correction we have been adoring on the Android for quite a lot of time, it learns as you type and knows which word goes there. Almost as if the keyboard is built to read your mind and knows what are you going to type next. For instance, if there’s a word or a phrase that you use a lot, Swiftkey will automatically learn it after two or three times of typing. That’s not all, the learning feature works on almost all kinds of text fields.

Another great thing about the keyboard is the accuracy it provides, be it through normal typing or swiping which carries the same name (Flow) as its Android counterpart. However, typing ordinarily is still easier as the chance of making errors are lesser as compared to using the Flow, Swiftkey still offers one of the best predictions you can get on a third party keyboard. Lastly, if you are hoping you’d get the one sided keyboard so you can type with one hand, then don’t, sadly, the keyboard doesn’t support that feature as of yet. Here’s to hoping that the developers allow that feature somewhere in future.

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MinuumMinuum is another keyboard making its way to the iOS 8 from Android. It is one of the weirdest yet most functional keyboard you can get on your iDevice. The keyboard is completely made for those who love to use accurate predictions, therefore, as soon as you will start typing through the Minuum keyboard, it will start typing. They keyboard is very fast when it comes to typing and predictions are amazing as well, but what sets this keyboard apart?  The thing is, the keyboard itself is highly compressed, all the keys are stacked at one place and at first, it might look weird, but once you get a hang of how things play out, you’ll absolutely love the keyboard for the predictions and speed it offers.

This keyboard also offers a nice set of minimalistc themes to match the colour of your phone, so if you are one of the people who love the extra space on your screen, Minuum is the keyboard for you. Provided you get a hang of the alienated layout at first.


SwypeThe third keyboard on our list is one of the oldest keyboards on Android. For those who don’t know, Apple has a long relationship with the developers behind Swype keyboard Nuance. The company has been using Nuance’s voice technology in Siri as well as the swiping features on their own keyboard. Now Nuance have launched a full fledged Swype keyboard for the iOS 8 and unlike the previous keyboards, this again is built from scratch.

Swype keyboard is no different than Swiftkey, both are really good at learning words, and the swiping feature works like a charm on both. However, many people reported that Swiftkey is a tad bit faster as compared to Swype. Rest assured, it is still an excellent keyboard that has been here for ages. The one thing in which Swiftkey beats Swype is the price factor, even though Swype costs only 99 cents, many people will still prefer to go for Swiftkey just because of this.


FleksyFleksy keyboard is another great addition to the keyboard arsenal. The best feature about Fleksy is that it heavily relies on gesture typing rather than your conventional ways of inputting text. Basically every thing you do on Fleksy will be based on gestures, be it changing a word, erasing one, adding a space or a punctuation or making the keyboard learn a new word, everything is one by gestures. This way of inputting might not seem easy to those who are used of more traditional ways, but once you start getting a hang of this keyboard, things start to get really easy.

The only downside I can really think of is the learning curve, it may take a lot of time to fully understand the gesture typing, If you are migrating from default keyboard or any keyboard for that matter, you might miss some functions, but if you are willing to forget those functions for spot on prediction which, at times, is even better than Swfitkey, then Fleksy is your cup of tea.

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TouchPal Keyboard

The last one on the list also comes from Android. TouchPal keyboard is one of the most used keyboards on Android and now it’s available on iOS 8 as well, it offers deep integrations, TouchPal TouchPal

Keyboard also supports all the basic options such as word prediction, auto correction, gesture typing, swiping, and all the other options you would normally look in a keyboard for your phone. Just like the previous updates you can also personalize this one with a cool set of themes.

TouchPal Keyboard also supports all the Apple emoticons and is compatible with all the iDevices running iOS 8.

That was all for now, folks. Let us know if we missed any of your favorite keyboard in the list.