When the Lure of Social Engagement is Not So Seductive

When the Lure of Social Engagement is Not So Seductive

The Beguiling Social Media

Social media and social engagement continue to be one of the thriving buzz words, bombarding you time and again during your plugged-in online life. Often the “term social media engagement” gives you that feeling of not participating enough or not making abundant use of disposable potential which otherwise could make your blog a gigantic success.

I am not aware if that is the case with you guys and blogging gurus out there but I am time and again struck with the realization,

“Oh Gosh! I have not tweeted or I have not checked the Facebook page of Write a Writing for more than 2 weeks straight. What would happen. My rankings would fall and ultimately vanish from their hard-earned slots..” and the forecast goes on.

A Reality Check

What happens in reality is that such panic attacks often make me leave the tasks of either editing the posts to be published or keep me away from the effort of penning down a post myself and wait 2 to 3 hours straight in the so called online engagement.

The truth is my dear fella bloggers! that while submissions and activity at these social media websites; Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit may give an additional bump to your indexation (which should not be the case if you are a persistent blogger) or rankings (sometimes helps) but in reality the trade off between social media engagement and building quality content for your website is quite expensive.

I used to spend plentitude of time on such activities but in the end wisdom prevailed and I was lucky to notice the price of the trade off.

The Saving Grace: Dividing Up Work and Fun

Splitting up your time in “work time” and “fun time” and then assigning tasks like blogging, researching for content, keyword searching and analyzing in the first slot while putting random browsing, sifting through news updates, funny videos and pictures and then sharing them on your selected social media channels for one day works for me.

Let me know what is your strategy for balancing between actual blogging and social media participation?