How Can Pinterest Rich Pins Help Your Business

Pinterest logo Ever since Pinterest, the pin-board style photo sharing website exploded on to the social media scene in March 2012, it has been growing at a rapid pace with over 48 million users, many of whom are females, who love to purchase and spend money. This of course plays very well in the hands of businesses, particularly in the fashion, clothing and art industry. But before we go into the details of Pinterest and the “Pins”, let us first understand what Pinterest is all about.

What is Pinterest?

In simple terms, Pinterest is a website that allows you to ‘Pin’ your favorite things online, which is similar to pinning items to a board in real life. The difference is that these pins are stored inside your Pinterest account and you can comment, like, and share on each of your pins. That’s not all, you can also “Re-pin” items from friends on Pinterest, find like-minded people interested in similar pins, or just randomly browse through pins and boards from a variety of different categories.

What are Pinterest Rich Pins?

To make Pinterest even more beneficial for small and large businesses, the concept of Rich Pins has been introduced to the photo sharing platform. While the basic use of a pin is the same, Rich Pins give more functionality and information to the users, in the form of additional information below a pin. Following are the three 3 categories, which can be utilized for a much better Pinterest experience.

Product Pins

The Product Pins include additional information like product’s pricing, availability, size, location etc.

Movie Pins

The Movie Pins contain pretty much everything you need to know about a Movie including its ratings, cast information, director, and more. 

Recipe Pins

A definite favourite for all food lovers, and particularly food bloggers. The Recipe Pins provide enhanced information including ingredients, cooking instructions, and a lot more.

The Effect of Rich Pins on Businesses?

Imagine a user stumbling upon one of your pins. In case of a Rich Pin, the user will get all the required information right there and then. There won’t be a need for him/her to leave the Pinterest platform. All information including price, availability, location etc on the pin means that the customer’s purchase process will be cut down considerably. But this is not all. Pinterest is continuously revising its platform by introducing new features to help small and large business owners market their products effectively. Apart from Rich Pins, Pinterest also supports detailed web analytics to help businesses keep track of their incoming traffic. Are you on Pinterest? How much has it helped your business acquire a targeted audience and eventual sales? Let us know in the comments below.