Online Survey Tools and Their Functions

Online survey tools are very reasonable methods through which surveys can be delivered, gathered and analyzed in terms of results from a single central system. They might not be suitable for all kinds of research requirements but online surveys are a good way for collecting informal data in a simple and quick survey tools, surveyor, research, researcher

Role of Online Survey Tools

The main function of online survey tools is that they enable you to develop your survey questions in an easy way along with the possible responses to it through the use of online interface. After this these tools send the candidates a link that leads towards the answer of the online survey. However, some of these tools provide more sophisticated functions which can be very useful if a person is trying to do something more than a simple survey.

Features of Online Survey Tools

The following features can be very useful in this regard:

Flexibility in Surveys

There are surveys which conducted for prominent branding instead of an organization. The online survey tools which can be used here permit the user the update the fonts, colors and graphics on the header that can match to the branding of the organization or the theme of the website.

Skipping Logic

When working with complicated surveys, it is sometimes useful to enable the respondents to skip a particular set of questions which are not related to them. Here the tool of survey skip logic allows the user to define that the respondents who for example respond to a question with no can skip the coming 5 questions or so.

Using Piping Tool

The piping tool permits the user to extract answers from one section of the survey to the other. For example, if a respondent states in question that they live in Chicago city, then the user can inquire them in a follow up of that question about what is the best thing that they like in Chicago city by filling the city’s name from a question that has been answered previously. With more sophisticated tools, one can merge the piping and skip logic to further tailor the surveys.

Randomization Technique

The survey responses are sometime affected by the order of a particular group of questions or a group of their answers. This can also have an impact on the data quality gathered. Characteristics which can automatically randomize the hierarchy of specific answers or questions can be useful when online survey tools are used.