Importance of Control Group in Research

Control Group Definition

Control group is a standard or a scale in an experimental study on which the other subject is being measured. In simple terms, control group does not receive active treatment in a research. It is not under investigation by the researchers and just proves a benchmark in a study. In a research study, most specifically statistical experiments, control group serves as an evaluation group– a comparison group for the assessment of results as drawn from the group that is being treated or studied.

Examples of Control Group in Investigation

For example, in an investigation conducting for the effects of a drug on rats, a researcher considers a group of 50 rats being treated with a standard drug to make necessary comparisons according to study. This group is termed as a control group in the study and the standard drug that is being used would already be carefully studied in terms of all its pros and cons or side effects to make required evaluations accordingly.control group, controlled experiment, research, scientific paper

What is a Control Group in Research?

This group plays as a starting point in a research. Scientific control group is an essential part in scientific findings. It always matches to the experimental group in some respects or the one that is closer to the investigated scenario. However, it is not exposed to any form of treatment like experimental group and this is the basic difference between experimental and control group. Yet, it is a fact that further decisions and outcomes of the study heavily depend on the exploration based on the comparison with this control group.

For example, in an investigation a cholesterol control medication is studied. One group will get the medicine that is being tested while the control group will receive a standard drug. Later on, the effects produce from the tested medicine will be compared to the standard drug to draw the findings.

Significance of Control Group in Scientific Studies

Scientific studies are the integral part of current day developed world. Researches are always aimed for the wellbeing of mankind in one way or another. So, scientific studies are always done in a systematic manner keeping in view essential ingredients of investigation like observation and experimentation. However, the end goal is just to prefer the interests of human beings and explaining the causes and effects of various phenomena. Here it is significant to note the importance of control-group in a study.

Example of Control Group in Scientific and Psychological Studies

Basically, control-group possess the same characters of the experimental group except the independent variable that is being studied. For example, in a psychological study, treatment of depression is being tested through therapy session following antidepressant. In this case, it will be examined that the anti-depression medicine, being under examination, produces supposed effects on the patient. Two groups are formed for further comparisons where one receives a standard antidepressant while the other receives a drug under study. The group that receives a standard drug is a control group. Sometimes, it also happens that the control group receives no drug.

Example of Control Group in Research

Another example is the research on a beauty product claiming anti acne and anti-freckle facial product. In such study two samples are drawn from the population for investigation. One group receives a standard product while the other receives a product having compound that propose to reduce acne and freckles. The group uses standard product is the control group in the study.

Control Group Examples in Scientific Findings

Here are some examples where tests are made using this particular group

Example of Research in Alzheimer Disease

Study is made on Alzheimer disease where effectiveness of a new drug is tested that aims to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Two groups of sufferers are studied. One receiving a standard drug like Donepezil or Rivastigmine is a control group while the other receives the proposed drug.

Example of Research in Medicine

Tests are being done to determine the effects of a pill for weight loss. Two groups are studied from population touching obesity. The one receives standard pill is a control group while the other group receives a pill under study.

Example of Research in Agriculture

Test is being conducting for the evaluation of the effectiveness of a new fertilizer having some additional elements. In this experiment two groups of plants are being studied receiving same amount of sunlight and water. One is being treated with regular fertilizer that is the control group while the experimental group is treated with the new fertilizer to judge the effect of additional elements.