Free Will vs Deterministic: Learn the Difference

For centuries there has been an ongoing debate among the psychologists regarding free will vs deterministic will.Free Will vs Deterministic, research, researcher, medical

The Belief System in Free Will vs Deterministic

The ones who had their belief in determinism believed that every type of behavior is recognized through internal as well as external forces functioning on a person. For example, an external force can be the reward given by the parents on a particular behavior and hence encouraging it, while the internal force can be the changes in hormones. On the other hand, the ones who had their belief in the free will believe that the matters a little more complicated. They agree to the fact that internal and external forces are present however they state that people have a free will when it comes to their behavior. The debate of free will vs deterministic revolves around the question of whether a person’s behavior can be different in a particular circumstance if they willed it or not. People who have a belief in determinism would answer the question as no while the ones who have a belief in free will would agree with the statement.

Theories in Free Will vs Deterministic

There are a number of theories in the field of psychology explaining determinism while there are fewer ones for free will. Behaviorists have a firm belief in determinism. Such determinists state that the universe’s nature is controlled by specific scientific universal laws. This implies that there is a cause behind every action and the same occurs for human actions. It is their belief that precise prediction regarding the human behavior is possible in the case where the current stimulus situation of a person is known and there is also knowledge regarding the conditioning history of the person. It has been argued by Skinner that each behavior is recognized through environmental circumstances and that people are used to of repeating a particular behavior which is being rewarded. However, according to Skinner’s belief, free will is only an illusion.

Approaches Towards Free Will vs Deterministic

According to the biological approach the behavior of a person is determined through the internal systems and genes. In this approach it is claimed that mental disorders are not the fault of the patient which makes them ill. On the other hand, humanistic approach states that people have free will. Rogers and Manslow debate in free will vs deterministic that the fact that behavior of people is controlled by external force is not correct and individuals have a free will in terms of their behavior.