What is a Controlled Experiment? Understanding the Importance

A controlled experiment is the one in which the researcher is testing a hypothesis by observing changes that occur as result of bringing alterations to a particular variable. In such experiments, the only factor that can be adjusted is the independent variable while the dependent variable is the one which will be affected by the independent variable.controlled experiment, research, researcher, control group

Understanding the Concept of Controlled Experiment

A controlled experiment is counted as amongst the most common experiments which is very popular in the field of science. In this type of experiments all the factors are constant apart from one single variable. Mostly, a group of data is taken for a specific control group that is usually the usual or normal state. Also, one or more than one other types of groups are observed in which every condition is same as the one in the control group apart from that one particular variable. A few times it is important to alter above one variable however all the conditions of the experiment shall be controlled for the purpose of changing only the variable that is being observed and the way the change in it is going to be measured.

Importance of Controlled Experiments

One main benefit of a controlled experiment is that one can end a lot of uncertainty regarding the outcomes. If one cannot control all the variables, they may end up with a result that is a confusing one. For instance, if a person plants different kinds of seeds in every pot, attempting to find out if the soil type impacts the process of germination, then he may discover a few kinds of seeds that germinate quicker than the rest. However, one cannot say it with any level of assurance that the germination rate was because of the kind of soil used. In another case, if the person puts a few pots out of a sunny window while the others in a shaded area or with some pots being more watered then the rest, then a range of different results can be obtained. The importance of this kind of experiment is that it produced a high level of confidence in the results.

Is Every Experiment Controlled?

All the experiments are not controlled. It is still probable to collect important data from the experiments that are controlled however it is difficult to draw results on the basis of that data.