Ages and Stages Questionnaire : Importance and Benefits

The ages and stages questionnaire is designed for the purpose of determining the development of the child and is conducted on the caregivers or parents of the particular child.ages and stages questionnaire, research, child development, psychology

Why is an Ages and Stages Questionnaire Conducted?

The aim of an ages and stages questionnaire is to find out about the general development of a child from his caregivers or parents. The outcomes of such questionnaires enable the parents to understand if the development of their child is on schedule or not. It is primarily used for the purpose of checking the social as well as emotional growth in the child. This helps in determining if the young children have the right kind of social and emotional competence in them or not. It is usually conducted in the early years of the child’s life between his birth and the age of the six.

Features of an Ages and Stages Questionnaire

This kind of questionnaire has the following features:

  • It has a consent form where the information regarding the parents is required.
  • There are some questions to be answered regarding the family and the child.
  • There are different questionnaires for different ages of children to be filled accordingly.
  • The results of this questionnaire, once filled, will be sent to the respondent.

Importance of Ages and Stages Questionnaire

Everyone knows how critical the initial five years are in the life of a child. It is always better to have an idea of the child’s disability or any issue sooner so that you can make your child connect with the support and services that are required to improve his performance and create a difference in his life. It is because of these reasons that the ages and stages questionnaire is designed so that the parents can have a complete knowledge regarding the developmental and social and emotional progress of their child. These questionnaires are monitored and designed by professional who have a lot of experience in this field and can identify the delays or disabilities in the children at an early stage.

Benefits of Ages and Stages Questionnaire

Following are the benefits of these questionnaires:

  • It is completely valid, authentic and reliable.
  • It has the quality of being inexpensive.
  • It gives scores in a short time span.
  • It is thoroughly researched and tested.
  • It helps in promoting engagement with children.
  • It is a wonderful way of interacting with parents and giving them knowledge about their child.