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Get help for resume writing, cover letter, curriculum vitae drafts and career development plans through professional documentations, cover letters, recommendation letters, interview questions, employment skills, interview tips and everything else related to career coaching and help for formatting professional documents.

MS Office

Learn how to effectively use the entire package of MS Office including MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Office Access, One Note, Publisher, Groove and Info Path for preparing different kinds of documents.

Technical Writing

Understand the basic concepts of technical writing through technical documentations like business proposals, report writing, research proposals, project proposals, research writing and compilation tips.

Master the use of latest software and tools by getting knowledge about their functionality in a simplified and summarized form. This will also provide updates related to the current trends in software application.

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Get a detail picture of the latest technology trends and their application together with technology specs, reviews and comparisons like computer performance, product specifications and a lot more.