Romantic Haiku Poems on Love: Valentine, Anniversary n Teen Romance

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Romantic Haiku Poetry

Haiku love poems entail a lot more than just adhering to a fixed structure of syllables and verses. Haiku is considered as the shortest and purest form of poetic expression. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can make use of Haiku to convey your deepest romantic feelings and emotions in a simple manner.

The beauty of Haiku love poems lies in the fact that the reader is able to imagine the phrases and words packed in a set of three verses and draw out the full idea or concept in his/her mind very accurately.

Haiku Poems for All Love Occasions

If you have attempted writing Haiku to express your love for your parents, siblings, spouse and children, you will agree that Haiku is the best way to amaze your beloved ones. You can enfold your feelings in three verses playing with the 5, 7, 5 rule of syllables.

A love so sincere
No loss to lustful wishes
Only you and I…

-Michele Langlo

Two hearts fall in love
Travel through life together

-Lynn Moore

love is but a wave
measure it’s height with your heart
wave it back again

-June O’Reilly

I whispered, you heard
I prayed you would find me soon
Then my heart was yours…
-Michele Langlo

Haiku Poems for Valentine

Valentine day is an occasion to share sweet feelings and messages of love with the ones you cherish. You can bring color to the day of your girlfriends and boyfriends by adding a stanza of Haiku with your love letter or valentine card.

Wind turns red her cheeks:
I will open my heart up
As wide as the sky.

Daniel Westreich

Two hearts fall in love
Travel through life together


Lynn Moore

Haiku Poems for Anniversary

Whether it is a wedding anniversary, engagement anniversary, death anniversary or earthquake anniversary, you can always make use of Haiku verses to evince your emotions for those you love.

Tsunami anniversary
I try to seek peace
In the calm waves

John Tiong Chunghoo

Seven years ago
I married a man who brings
such joy to my life

–Kelly K

My darling Steven,
Happy Anniversary.
I love you so much.

–Kelly K

A look from his eyes
snuggling warm each night close
soft kisses each day

–Carla Page

Expressing Your Love Through Haiku Poetry

If you want to buoy up the day of your loved one, you don’t necessarily need to copy the verses and style of Keats or Shelly; you can create a short and personalized poem following the simple rules to write Haiku.

Guide Tips for Writing Haiku Poems on Love

To get a good idea on how to write a love poem in Haiku style, you can refer to the book titled “Love Haiku: Japanese Poems of Yearning, Passion, and Remembrance”. In this elegant anthology, love is explored through beautiful images that evoke a range of feelings, from the longing of a lover to the passion of a romantic relationship. It shares the vision of love of famous Japanese Haiku masters such as Issa, Basho and Buson.

Short and Cute Haiku Love Poems

You can also find cute classic love messages and verses written in Haiku format on various blogs and websites. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Peeling your apple
in an unbroken spiral
our feet get tangled

-Chen-ou Liu

Dreamy stars at night
Your kisses melted my heart
Your arms held me tight