Amazing Collection of Offline and Online Poetry Writing Tools to Spur Up Your Worded Journeys

poetry writing resources

Hello to all of our poet friends out there!

Hope the year 2013 is turning out great for you guys and you are having a stupendous amount of ideas, flows and inspirations pouring down from the heavens.

Today, we bring you a select collection of some wonderful tools to help you in writing your poetry. The poetry writing resources have been gathered around for some time at Write a Writing as we got suggestions and recommendations from our fellow writers.

We have divided the tools into two categories:

  1. Online poetry writing tools and resources

  2. Offline poetry writing tools and resources

Online Poetry Writing Tools and Resources

Oxford English Dictionary

OED comprises of more than 600,000 words, collected over a period of thousand years. It has another section, names Aspects of English which has numerous helpful sections like Shapers of English, English in Use, English in Time and Word Stories.

If you are having a twinge for inspirational writing and are looking for some historical references then you can check out the Historical Thesaurus of the OED.

Silva Rhetoricae

Silva Rhetorica is being run by by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University. The website is a wonderful resource for rhetorical terms from the classical and renaissance eras. You can find all sorts of odd Greek and Latin names and terms.

Free Rice

Free Rice is a non-profit based game tool which hosts quite a decent number of subjects where you can play quiz games and answers subject related questions. The site is great to look for random ideas and inspirations for your poetry projects.

Visual Thesaurus

This poetic tool creates relationships and extended meaning of words similar to the workings of the human brain. If you are working around a couple of words and hitting a mind block then you can use this tool to expand ideas while remaining in the sphere of your select words.

Miscellaneous Poetry Resources on The Web

You can check out the collection of 5 best poetry websites here. Also you can check our articles on poetry writing. To get started with creative writing, you can check the following resources:

Offline Poetry Writing Resources and Tools

We also, have here, an amazing collection of books for your poetic appetite which have been reviewed and recommended by our poetic friends.

The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms

A dependable resource for poetic forms which quite elaborates on the technical side of different poetic styles. The book also explains the historical context of a selection of poems and evaluates them with respect to cotemporary times.

Words to Rhyme with: A Rhyming Dictionary (Facts on File Writer’s Library)

A great rhyming dictionary and resource for writing poetry. The book instead of serving as just another rhyming resource, provides brilliant insight into the making of poetry.

The Garden of Eloquence: A Rhetorical Bestiary

An complete and exhaustive encyclopedia of rhetorical terms and words, this book comes with dependable resources for writing and practicing poetry.

The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Including Odd and Invented Forms, Revised and Expanded Edition

A great book written on the craft of poetry by a poet for the poets. The book touches those areas in creative writing and poetry writing which do not even exist in the eloquence of other books on the similar subject.