Best Alternatives To Microsoft Office Suite

The Hunt for a Free Microsoft Office Alternative

Microsoft Office arguably offers the best application suite when it comes to creating and managing documents, presentation slides, spreadsheets, databases etc. But like all good things in life, it’s not for free. One can choose to try out some alternatives to MS Office, which are absolutely free. You have come to the right place if you have been looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office. In this post, we will list down best web-based and desktop application suites, which provide tools and features similar to that of Microsoft Office.

Google Docs

Google Docs has rapidly become the most preferred alternative to Microsoft Office. Mostly used by online teams for collaboration on tasks, Google Docs is a web-based application, providing compatibility with Microsoft Office apps’ file formats. The smooth integration with tablets and smartphones is also a plus point.

Google Docs

Google Docs has seen lots of improvements since its inception. You have the option to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings and even folders. Google Docs is completely free, and all you need is a Google account to start creating documents and sharing them with your friends and peers.


libreoffice, Libre OfficeLibreOffice is a full-featured (and totally free) office suite with a Text document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Database, and Drawing apps, which are alternatives to Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Publisher respectively. Although simple in its interface design (don’t expect a Word-like flashy ribbon style), LibreOffice is surprisingly easy to use and understand.

Features in LibreOffice

Writer: The Writer provides for editing all sorts of documents with an option for built-in dictionary and document scanning. The look and feel has also been improved by adding more styling options i.e. fonts, colors and custom options. You can add diagrams and charts and create notes or publish books.

Calc: It is an alternative for Excel and provides basic spreadsheet functionality along with data management. You can run your basic analysis here in a jiffy by importing your data from multiple file types.

Impress: A solution for free Powerpoint, Impress will give you the ability to setup your presentations by creating, editing and showcasing your multimedia presentations

Draw: This offers a quick solution for your graphic requirements ranging from technical drawing, flow charts, explanatory diagrams, process flows, project plans and system design requirements.

Charts: flexible charting and data based diagram tool for inserting charts in multiple types of documents.

The important thing is that it gets the job done fairly easily. Another great thing about LibreOffice is its portability. You can copy the documents to flash drive and use them on the go. As far file format compatibility is concerned, LibreOffice does a great job as well. Not only can it open and edit the documents, it can also retain the original format.

Microsoft Web Apps

Microsoft Web Apps is always confused with being an extension/feature of Microsoft Office desktop app suite, but it isn’t. It’s a Microsoft owned web based office suite and it’s totally free of charge. Web Apps offers support for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.

Web Apps

Supporting 25 GB free SkyDrive storage, you can easily sync your documents and access them on the go. The UI of Microsoft Web Apps is almost a carbon copy to Microsoft World 2010 version. Since it sports the new ribnon design, you can easily find the required tools and options from the given tabs.

KingSoft Office

KingSoft Office is also considered to be one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives available out there. It offers Word, PowerPoint and Excel alternatives, and supports Windows, Linux and Android OS platforms. Its Android app offers almost all the features that its desktop OS counterparts offer. Since it can easily render MS Office apps formats, you just need to install Kingsoft Office app on your Android mobile device to open and edit MS Office apps offline.

KingOffice 2012

Kingsoft Office comes in three packages; free, standard and professional. The standard version costs $49.95, while the professional version can be had for $69.95. We hope that the above alternatives help you choose the best Office suite. If you think that we missed out on an Office suite that should have added to the list, tell us about it in the comments below.