Authorization Letter: Sample, Examples and Format Tips

What is an Authorization Letter?

Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is a letter which enables the third party to have the authority to act on your behalf temporarily. You may require somebody to help you conduct your acts legally in situations such as financial matters, legal appointments or just health derivatives.

Therefore, an authorization letter will fulfills this command and it needs to be written with clarity.

Authorization letters are typically written for travel authorization, bank authorization and credit authorization and authority letters for claiming.

How to Write an Authorization Letter?

Typing your authorization letter: Since it is an authority letter, it should be written formally. A handwritten approval letter might become ambiguous and can cause trouble later on. To make it look professional, an authorization letter is preferably typed and printed.

Using the right tone: The tone of this approval letter is determined as to whom this permission letter is addressed to. This tone is made in such a way because it is giving another person the authority to act in their behalf in situations such as a legal or a medical situation. Thus the tone should be quite professional and formal.

Keeping the approval letter concise: The authorization letter should be brief and to the point. It needs to contain all the important information in the approval letter. For instance, if the authorization letter is regarding medical information then it should include the medical insurance number of the person in case you need to claim any sort of authority later on. If the authorization letter is concerning a legal matter then it should mention your case number.

Use the business letter format: Whenever you are planning to write an authorization letter, learn to use the business letter format. This is used in majority of the cases. In case you have a good relation with the other party, then the format of the approval letter can be a casual one, otherwise, the authority letter should be written with the correct business format.

Authorization Letter Format

  • Your name and address should be typed on the top left side of the authority letter.
  • First comes your full name, and then in the next line come the city, state and the zip code. Make sure to keep them single spaced.
  • Address the personal specifically with Miss, Mrs. or Mr.
  • Leave a line and then place the date on the next line of the authority letter.
  • Make sure to write the date with left aligned.
  • Avoid abbreviating the date on the approval letter.
  • Write the name and address of the recipient on the left side of the page.
  • Make sure that you are writing this part of the information below the date.
  • The information regarding the receiver needs to be typed in the same format as your own information.
  • Begin the acknowledgment with the name of the recipient and that too formal name should be written in the authority name.

Writing the authorization letter’s body: With single spacing, include the full name, your account number and the full name of the recipient who is given the permission to act on your behalf. Make sure to check if the account number is case sensitive to avoid any confusion.

Mention the beginning and the ending date for the authority to be given to the other person.

State the reasons for representing someone else: Mention all the valid reasons for which you are giving authority to another person to act on your behalf You need to explain to the other person why you want a representative who will have the authority to act in your behalf.

Common reasons are that you are not well or may be going out of town for some other work.

Mention all expected duties clearly for your representative: Describe all the duties that you are expecting your representative to do on your behalf. For instance, you might be expecting your representative to get hold of your medical certificates for you, or may be authorize a medical procedure for you or just sign any legal document when you are not present. The reason of representation or giving an authority to another person can also be to withdraw cash for the other person.

Mention your gratitude: Do not forget to extend your gratitude and appreciation to the other person for acting on your behalf in the best way.

Conclusion of an authorization letter: One needs to end the authority letter with sincerely and then finally type your name with a clear signature written with a blue or black pen.

Sample and Example of an Authorization Letter

General example of an authorization letter

Below is an example of authorization letter:

Date: Date–Month–Year

Name of the recipient,


Due to sudden circumstances, I will not be able to personally collect money.

In line with this, I am authorizing Mr/Miss. ABC to received the amount (state the amount if possible) on my behalf.

Thank you very much.



Authorization Letter to a Bank

Date: Date–Month–Year 
G N Bank 
544, Reagan Boulevard 
New York – 695234 
Reference: Authority letter for Elizabeth Taylor 
Name of the recipient,

I, your name goes here, for the past seven years had financial transactions with your organization. I am the holder of a savings account and a recurring deposit with your bank. Due to some personal reasons, I am shifting my residence to City XYZ. Due to the change of residence, I require to shift my account to the ABC Bank branch  in City XYZ.

Owing to the suddenness of the move it has not been possible for me to come to the bank to make the required changes. For this reason, I am authorizing my sister, Elizabeth Taylor  to act in all matters necessary for the transfer of account to the ABC Bank branch in City XYZ.

I am enclosing duplicates of my account statement for the past two months along with the proof of identification for the conformity of my relationship with the career of this letter.

In case you need to contact me for any clarification or verification, then please send me an email at I do not have a phone connection presently but will inform you as soon as I am with a number. 

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Peter Taylor