How to Write a Book Report?

how to write a book report

What is a Book Report?

A book report is a written composition that gives information about the summary of the book and author’s background. It has relatively simple structure than a book review because an in depth analysis is usually not required in a book report.

Difference Between a Book Report and Book Review

A book review is more of a literary criticism and analysis of a book expecting you to tell the reader about your own point of view after reading the book. While writing a book review, the writer is required to be elaborative from his/her own perspective.

A book report, on the other hand, requires you to explain about details about the book title, author, illustration and the plot of the story. In a standard book report format you are also expected to put in the names and description of the main characters, explain about the plot setting, genre of the book and such basic details.

Basic Steps for Writing a Book Report

Follow the steps below for writing a book report.

  1. State the title of the book, its relevance to the context and about the year of publication.
  2. Write a brief biography of the author. Simple facts like where he was born, his education and his family’s background. This would give the reader an idea of the perspective, the author is writing from.
  3. Mention the type or genre of the book i.e. fiction, statistical writing, autobiography, biography etc.
  4. Ask questions from yourself and find out what would you like to know before reading a book. Make notes as you read the book and decide which ones of the aspects you would want to add or omit depending on the length of the report needed.
  5. You are required to write the main theme or plot of the (lets say) story. Describe the characters of the story, the setting and the climax. In other words a brief summary of the story has to be written but you can always keep few interesting twists and the end of the story as a secret.
  6. Tell the reader about the significance of the book and why it was written. If it’s a story, say something about author’s perspective on the related issue.
  7. In the end you can say how you found reading the book. It’s a good practice to quote something from the book in order to make it interesting and to allow the reader a peek. 
  8. Proof read before submitting the book report.

Format or template for a Book Report

A standard book report format or template includes information about book title, main characters, plot setting, plot summary, type of book (history, fiction, romance, horror, comedy) along with a brief analysis of the book and the reader’s perspective on it.

Book Report Types According to Academic Levels

The information contained in a book report varies according to the academic level of a book report. You can check out more details about writing book reports by browsing through the detailed guidelines given below: