What to Write on a Retirement Cake?

what to write on a retirement cake

How to Take Retirement As?

Retirement is a return after a long journey so it should be celebrated with full heart and merriness when it comes.

It is the right time to enjoy life, relax,,celebrate and plan a pleasure trip involving family, kids, grandchildren and your loved ones.

Why a retirement cake?

Any good festivity deserves a cake and the exact one can make both add to the festivities and admire the retiree. Retirement is a noteworthy point in one’s profession and life and such a big step calls for a celebration.

Whether at a small party with a plain and bland cake, or at a full throttle retirement bash, naturally everyone would want to put in a few words in positive reception to the retiree, and a mode to express best wishes for the future.

From informal to well-designed, there are many retirement cake options offered to tie in with your party theme and make it one to be talked about long after the dishes are cleared away.

How to choose a retirement cake?

  • Consider any dietetic restrictions your guests may have. If a realistic figure of your guests is not able to eat sugar, opt for a sugar-free variety of cake as well as a standard version.
  • Think about what sort of party you are going to have when choosing a retirement cake. If the event is formal, then a more well-designed cake is needed to match the surroundings. If a certain kind of flower is used for the party beautification, possibly a cake iced with matching flowers is appropriate. Otherwise, if the party is being hosted by a business, a tasteful design matching the company logo may be called for. Do not be afraid to use further kinds of desserts to stand in for a customary iced cake.
  • If the retreat party is semi-formal or casual, then think about a cake that reflects the interests and hobbies of the retiree. For example, if the guest of honor is an enthusiastic hiker, a cake shaped similar to a mountain can be used. A potential writer might be glad about a cake ornamented like a book.
  • A retirement cake can furthermore be used to correspond to the retiree’s career. An airline pilot might accept a cake decorated as a plane or a cloud, or a teacher might be pleased by a cake shaped as an apple or a chalkboard.
  • Apply the cake as a space to write common good wishes or inside jokes. Some broad well wishes include:
  • Good luck in your new life
  • We’ll miss you

The cake ought to signify the retiree as well as tie into the subject matter of the party, so harmonize consequently whether you are tying in colors or the festive theme.

  • Think on adding a personal touch by making a retirement cake yourself. There are many online options that will show step by step tutorials on what type of tools you will require and how to ice your cake with the lot from butter cream to fondant. If you are not as much of a handy person in the kitchen, bakeries and caterers have a great collection of retirement cakes for you to choose from.

Additional Retirement Cake Sayings

A long day’s journey comes to an end

Finally you are free for home 
So you made it to the top 
Eat your heart out 

And so we can have the whole of you now


Happy happy and a very happy retirement

How about adding a retirement card to the cake?

Along with having a cake you may also want to include a card to the cake that you might have bought or even baked for the person who has just retired or is about to retire.

Poems for retirement cake

Here are a couple of poems that are relevant to the retirement occasion for any person. You may want to give a handmade card or even buy one and write a poem to give it a personal touch.

O, blest retirement! friend to life’s decline –

How blest is he who crowns, in shades like these,

A youth of labor with an age of ease!

by Oliver Goldsmith

Happy Old Face

Profession has inspired you

rendering service to the clients

on the status of their health status

made sure that your analysis are correct

in which the doctors based their diagnosis

days in your life have been all work

as it come to retirement today.

Today marks your honorable exit

on reaping what you sow for years

rise and claim the accolade you deserve

nothing ever more uplifting than retirement

on this day onwards you shall see happy old face.

by Marvin Brato Sr (link)

Quotes for Retirement Cake

Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it.

– Bernard M. Baruch-

When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income.

– Chi Chi Rodriguez-

I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.

– Bette Davis-

I’ve been attending lots of seminars in my retirement.  They’re called naps. 

-Merri Brownworth-