How to Write an Objective?

What is an Objective and What Exactly is the Art of Writing an Objective?

An objective in literary terms can be understood as a goal, ambition, or designated outcome. By writing down an objective we mean to put down on paper the desired mark or marks towards which one is heading.

Objective, like writing goals, can be either personal or professional. They can be personal wishes or professional targets. In any case, writing or penning down an objective is of secondary importance. It is the dedication, hard work and commitment which will make you capable off achieving your objective/objectives.

Mastering the Art of Writing Objectives

Objectives in a written form are the first things that appear in front of another person or company in a resume. The objectives can be of many kinds. One might have some individual or personal career objectives, while some organizations may also have their set objectives which they set out to achieve.

Many candidates get rejected on the basis of their objectives because the company after having a look at their objectives deems that this candidate is seeking something else which the company does not have to offer and thus the candidate has to face embarrassment in this form. Thus, it tells us that writing objectives is a serious issue and one needs to be really careful in outlining them.

Types of Objectives

Objectives are of various types and can be broadly classified as the following:

  • Performance objectives
  • Marketing objectives
  • Educational objectives
  • Measureable objectives
  • Instructional objectives

What kind of language should you use while writing objectives?

When writing objectives you should be really careful about the language that you shall be using. It should be very clear and not at all ambiguous in any sense, otherwise the reader may end up misinterpreting the objectives that have been presented to him. Thus, causing mess for you or your company.

Following are some tips that the writer should definitely follow when using language in jotting down the objectives:

Employ verbs properly

Use strong active verbs that clearly communicate that what you are trying to say and also help in convincing the reader that you really mean what you are saying.

Keep it to the point

The statement should be straight forward and should not be too long that the reader gets confused that what you really want to say.

Be Realistic
The statement should contain a goal that is achievable and realistic, the objective should not be written in an idealistic flowery language at all.

Begin with ‘To’

Technical writers suggest a common rule for writing objectives especially when writing your resume; you should begin your objective statement with the word ‘to’.

Tips for Writing Resume Objectives

In your resume the objectives highlight that what is your career aim in life and what kind of a job you desire. This statement is highly important becomes it comes right after your personal information and the employers read the objectives’ statement very carefully in order to analyze the potential of the applicant.

Match your objectives with company’s objectives

When you are writing your resume make sure that when you point down the objectives, they should be similar in nature with the objectives of the company you are applying for.

Keep your career objectives generalistic

If you are not applying for a particular company or are unaware of the objectives of the company you want to go for, then the best option is to keep your objectives quite general and not specific. In this way your objectives will fit into any kind of genre of work which the other company might be expecting from you. Thus, it will better ensure that you get the job.

How to Write Project Objectives?


Technical writers use the term SMART to refer to being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound while writing the objectives of one’s project.

Set out your expectations

You should write out that with what idea in mind did you take up the project and how will this project successfully come up to the expectations that you have set forward.

Project objectives should be verifiable

In case of a project, you cannot run away from your objectives which you have set initially. Your project has to achieve those objectives only then it will be termed as successful otherwise it will be called as a waste of time.

How to Write Learning Objectives?

Every learning course comes with a set of objectives which it wishes to fulfill by the end of it. It is important to keep these objectives in forefront before beginning any such educational venture.

SKA is the rule

For writing learning objectives, technical writers have derived a term SKA which is the rule that should be kept in mind when one is jotting them down.

S – stands for Skills

It should tell that what new things the students shall be able to perform by the end of the course that is being offered to them.

K – stands for Knowledge

It should be highlighted that what newer understanding the students will get after the course is completed.

A – stands for Attitudes

It shall also inform that what new perspectives the students will develop about the subject they are studying by the end of the coursework.

Thus, keeping all these rules and technicalities in your mind you can definitely go forward and generate the perfect set of objectives for yourself or for your respective company.