Paragraph Writing: How to Write a Paragraph Using Four Main Components

How to Write a Paragraph

In this article, we will discuss how to write a paragraph, meaning of a paragraph and four main components of writing an effective paragraph.

A Brief Intro to Paragraph Writing

Paragraph1It is basically the foundation of every known essay writing in the history of grammar that includes forms like persuasive, narrative, expository and creative. About paragraph writing, it is said nothing is more fundamental in writing process other than opting to write for a solid paragraph. The four main and most important compositions of impressive paragraph writing are order, unity, coherence and completeness.

Before enlightening the mind further by elaborating the essential elements above, let’s have a quick look at what paragraph is.

Knowing the Meaning of a Paragraph

Paragraphs are composed of various sentences for instance formal as well as informal but not random sentences. A paragraph is a web of different sentences revolving around a prescribed topic. In fact, the most interesting phenomenon about paragraph writing is that it demands focus and complete attention on just one idea or thought. You need to know how to conquer your paragraph by having command over the topic and then you will be on the way to write a gold star and golden essays, stories and term papers.

Learn important tips for writing concluding paragraphs for essays, thesis and research papers.

Structure and Techniques of Writing an Ideal Paragraph

An effective paragraph requires some tips and techniques which are required to be utilized while writing the paragraph.

How to Write a Paragraph Utilizing the Four Main Compositions

Basic paragraph usually comprises of five important sentences

  • Topic sentence
  • Three supporting sentences
  • A concluding sentence
  1. Element 1: Unity

    Unity that gives a start to paragraph comes along the topic sentence. The paragraph you write has a one gripping idea that the writer reveals in the topic sentence which is technically, the very first sentence of every paragraph. All the sentences in a paragraph are united surrounding the main idea that supports sentences including discussion and detail. If you are looking forward to write a catchy paragraph then it is important to realize and think attentively about the theme and jot the points in your mind so that you don’t lack fluidity while writing. Make up your mind and decide smartly about putting which point as your topic sentence.

  2. Element 2: Order

    Peculiarly, order is referred to how you construct and organize your sentences specially the supporting sentences. No matter what order you chose, whether it’s order of importance, chronological order or a logical presentation of any specified detail, a genuine paragraph always owns an organization. In a Well organized or say well ordered paragraph, the reader reads smoothly through the lines. This quality in paragraphs is achieved when you support and establish your paragraph accurately aided by the right pattern.

  3. Element 3: Coherence

    Coherence is the most appreciable quality in a paragraph that bounds you to the written web of sentences as they are understandable and eligible to you. The noteworthy factor is here is that the sentences should be globalized. Globalizing means that the sentences should be connected to one another and works altogether. Using transition words is considered one of the best ways in reaching coherency. Moreover, while writing a paragraph, it’s sincerely recommended to use verb tense frequently and also, point of view which serve as the most important ingredients fulfilling the purpose of coherency.

  4. Element 4: Completeness

    The word completeness regarding paragraph writing is self explanatory. It actually means a well developed or well designed paragraph. If the sentences made are vivid and strongly supported by the concerned idea or narrative then you are successful in completing your paragraph. Suppose your paragraph is does not contain enough information, phrases or sentences that covers the idea fully then the concept of completeness is disapproved. Mostly, three supporting sentences are required along with topic and concluding sentence in order to complete the paragraph. The last sentence or concluding sentence of your paragraph should summarize the main central idea by strengthening your topic sentence.

Rechecking Your Paragraph

Once you are done writing a paragraph, don’t forget to go through your paragraph at least two to three times. This one rule of reviewing the written paragraph is meant to be applied each time you write one. Check your paragraph for poor grammar and misspelled words. If bad grammar is used accompanied by spelling mistakes then it can bring a significant change creating a negative impact on the quality of your paragraph written. It’s quite natural that you skip small mistakes and flaws that can make your paragraph unimpressive and not up to the mark so never neglect the steps and always try to spare a couple of minutes for rechecking so that you don’t miss any important mistake in haste.

  • Dictionary can be used while rechecking. Without hesitating, double check the words you have doubts about and never leave a slight doubt in them. Thesaurus is also suggested in order to find more appealing synonyms for a particular word or words.
  • Review your paragraph keeping the accurate use of the whole punctuation part which is an essential area of paragraph writing. Make sure you don’t overlook the details in punctuation such as colons, commas, semicolons and ellipses. They should be placed appropriately in a sentence. Read more about various forms of punctuation in our Grammar section.