What to Write in a Bridal Shower Card?

What is a Bridal Shower?

In general, a bridal shower is a daytime party with friends, family, acquaintances or office colleagues where the bride receives gift, cards and loads of wished that will facilitate her through her married life.

A bridal shower gives women a possibility to enjoy the last of their bachelor days and enjoy it to the maximum before breaking dawn with a new era of responsibilities, busy schedules and never ending chores.

What to Write Inside a Bridal Shower Card?

A cordial note is always the best to accompany with your gift for the bride-to-be in a bridal shower card. Whether it is a straightforward phrase wishing her and her hubby-to-be the very best, or an extensive note thanking her the years of love and loyalty, the words you put in will be precious for her and will remain a part of cherished memories reminding her of this beautiful moment.

Estimating the Nature of Your Relationship With the Bride

Depending on how close you are to the bride, the message for a bridal shower card may be complicated to write. Depending upon your association with the bride, here are some suggestions that might work for your bridal shower card.

Is the Bride a Mere Acquaintance of Yours?

Often we are invited to bridal showers for the reason that we have some long ties (complicated) relationship with the bride or a formal friend.whatever the case, do not confuse this situation while writing the bridal shower card.

You can wish the bride hearty congratulations and adorn the bridal shower card with hopes for love, luck and blessings for the future of the couple.

Is the Bride a Not-So-Close Friend?

And then there are times when we are invited to showers for friends that we have lost contact with over the time but we remain as a formality to be invited.

There are two ways to go for this type of bridal shower card. You can either keep it simple and a bit reserve if that is how you plan to keep the relationship after the ceremony. Or, you can use this opportunity to rekindle your friendship with the bride.

Depending on whatever route you choose to take, you might keep the bridal shower card candid or reserve.

Is the Bride a Really Good Friend or Your Best Pal?

And hey, is it one of your best friends getting married then you can write whatever your heart wants to write. However, always begin with congratulations and then you can built up with anecdotes, funny or cute quotations, your precious moments together and whatever you feel like telling her to make her feel special, loved and cherished by you.

Special Hearty Sayings to Mention in the Bridal Shower Card

Sometimes, what we wish to say has previously been said before so do not get confused and messy about what say and what to leave. You can put in a a few words of advice and traditional granny sayings in your bridal shower card. A beautiful quote or piece of wisdom would add up a complementary tone for your otherwise candid and sweet card. Remember, brides to be are always a bit jittery and nervous so some mature advice, put lightly would be appreciated.

Below you will find some examples as to what you may want to include in your bridal shower card. Choose the one that compliments to your relation with the bride.

For Jovial Bridal Shower Cards
Hearty congratulations on finding the love of your life (hopefully)

Wishing you all the best on your special day and  hope that you two have a great future together.

Heart load of cheers to the most wonderful person I ever know on her big day. I know you are going to rock it baby.

Love you lots

For Reserve and Formal Bridal Shower Cards

Wish you a lovely day ahead and I know you are going to be an absolute beauty

Wish you love, luck and loads of blessing for your future

Looking forward to see you on your bid day. Please let me know if there is anything that you require off from me.

All the best for your new life

Many Many congratulations on getting started with a new life. We wish it to be the dawn of happiness, luck, love and blessing for you and your husband

I am so happy for your and (husband’s name) and wish for a smooth and stress free ceremony. See you there

May God bless you and your husband in this phase and may this wedding be as you have wished and planned for it