Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is not an emerging trend or a new phenomenon. It goes back to a century especially in teenage-pregnancydeveloped countries and European nations where moral values are at great risk. Alone in United States of America, one million teenage pregnancies comes forward each year. Out of these, 85% are most often unplanned. This simply increases the risk factors and gives rise to more problems for teen mothers. However, with spreading awareness about teen pregnancies and associated risks, it is also obvious that this trend is declining nowadays.

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Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Effects of early pregnancy are far beyond what the victim may think. Here are some effects of teenage pregnancy on the life of the teen mother as well as the baby:

Health Consequences of Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy especially produces adverse effects on teen mothers. They feel it difficult and develop fear of telling the truth to others. This leaves them behind with lack of care required at prenatal stage.

Risk of Teen Mothers Having Low Birth Weight Babies

Several statistics on teen pregnancy mention that teenage mother gives birth to a child with low birth weight just because of poor nutritional intake and depression. This low weight at birth produces infant disorders as well as high chances of mortality for the baby before reaching up to his or her first birthday. Moreover, such babies may have organs that are not properly developed resulting in common disorders like brain bleeding, intestinal disorders and respiratory syndrome.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Baby

Effects of teenage pregnancies on baby also matter a lot. Such babies grow up in poor socio economic status that multiplies their health issues. Moreover, in later stage of their lives they may develop criminal activities because of negligence they had experienced in the formative years of their lives. Such children also fail to pass successful relations at family and friends levels.
Teen pregnancy is a public health issue because of its risk factors. However, in United States, several clinics and health departments offer low cost or even free prenatal care for teenage mothers. Such departments offer full confidentiality and assure the patient that their family will not get awareness about the incident.

Emotional Effects of Teen Pregnancy

teen-pregnancy A child born to teen mother is less likely to develop proper cognitive stimulation. This just happens because of poor health care and improper nutrition of the teen mother at prenatal stage. After delivery, such mothers also prefer to leave their baby to minimize the chances of adverse effects of teen pregnancy on the family. Moreover, when grown up, such children may suffer through high rates of abuse and ignorance. They are socially unacceptable and neglected children because of the fact that they have no family at all. Most of the times, it also happens that such children develop poor intellect and achieve low academic success in life.

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