Persuasive Essay Ideas

Persuasive Essay Ideas

Ideas for Persuasive Essays, Speech and Arguments

In today’s post, we bring you a comprehensive list of persuasive essay topics for essay writing, speeches and argumentative analysis, compiled in order of academic level.

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. Is global climate change man-made?
  2. Is the death penalty effective?
  3. Is our election process fair?
  4. Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores?
  5. Should men get paternity leave from work?
  6. Do we have a fair taxation system?

Persuasive Essay Ideas for Kids

  1. Who is the new girl in class?
  2. What if there was no Harry Potter?
  3. Life without my pet
  4. 10 things I hate about summer school
  5. Pets in school

Persuasive Essay Ideas for Students

Persuasive Essay Ideas for Elementary School

  1. Is praying beneficial?
  2. Effect of technology on Human Beings
  3. Hoe does divorce effect children?
  4. Vegetarians vs. Meateaters.
  5. Should uniforms be banned?

Persuasive Essay Ideas for Middle School

  1. Should the Government Ban Hunting?
  2. Is the claim that advertising manipulative true?
  3. Do you agree with the role mass media is playing in the society?
  4. Are beauty pageants creating discrimination among women?
  5. Deforestation should be banned.

Persuasive Essay Ideas for High School

  1. Should we be taking actions against preventing extinction of species?
  2. Are video games too violent?
  3. Is a homemaker given the same respect as one would give someone with a job?
  4. Should vocational training be made compulsory in schools?
  5. Is it important to have role models?
  6. Should animal testing be legalized?
  7. Do celebrities make for bad role models?
  8. Drinking age for alcohol drinking?
  9. Should chewing gum in class be banned?
  10. Should ragging be severely punished?

College Level Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. Has the society accepted the concept of stay-at-home dads?
  2. Is the topic of environmental ethics important?
  3. Is it wrong to have beauty pageants for kids?
  4. Should processed foods be banned?
  5. Is it important to introduce a leave-your-vehicle-at-home day?
  6. Can flirting with someone be considered as cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  7. Should juveniles be tried as adults?

Funny Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. Which country has the prettiest girls?
  2. Blondes are actually smart.
  3. If I were the President?
  4. Life as the last person on earth
  5. One day as the principal of my school

Popular Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. School uniform
  2. Global warming
  3. Gay rights
  4. Gay marriages
  5. Juvenile crime
  6. Divorce
  7. Animal Rights
  8. Women Rights
  9. Death Penalties
  10. Human Cloning
  11. Nick cave
  12. Daewoo