How to Write a Response Essay?

What is a Response Essay About?

A response essay can be defined as,

A form of essay which is fundamentally a response to some work by an author. It is also sometimes referred to as the reaction essay as it is an individual reaction and approach to the explicit ideas discovered in an influenced effort and their purpose of the author’s life.

The expressed perspectives at all times have a very personal nature and match to the author’s significant abilities.

What do Response Essays usually Deal With?

Response essays do not have to be a sheer statement of view on a specific topic. As an alternative, they may be put together as a vital suggestion on it. Mainly, response essays concentrate on one issue, an appropriate complication of quite a few issues, or the framework in which the aforementioned issues are formerly presented. Accordingly, writing a response to no matter which issue will call for a considerate approach into the subject-matter on numerous diverse levels.

Writing a Response Essay

In order to formulate a fine response essay it is essential to draw strong parallel lines among analyzed work and personal experience. All the statements presented in a response essay must be proved by actual evidence presented in the work.  This is required to avoid the possibility of the invention of new ungrounded views on the analyzed work.

This will make the essay possess a very logical construction and easier for the reader to follow the course of thought of the writer. The author should always consider the ideas, which were originally the base for the analyzed work.

Prewriting For Your Responsive Essays

The below mentioned phrases could be helpful for your response or reaction essay:

My response to what I just read…

  • I see that
  • I think that
  • I feel that
  • I believe
  • It seems
  • It is evident
  • In my opinion
  • A good quote is
  • However
  • Moreover
  • in addition
  • consequently
  • finally
  • because
  • in conclusion
  • to conclude

Outline for a Response Essay

Formulating an outline is as important for a response essay as it may be for any other one. It is essential to brainstorm and jot down each point in order to have them reinforced when actually writing the essay. This will help in not missing out on any important point.

Thesis Statement for a Response Essay

Thesis statement states what topic or source is about to experience the consequent analysis. It should shed light on the part of the cause that will be considered and also in brief clarify why.

Thesis statement for a response essay should be as imaginative as possible and tackle researched material so that all sustaining support can be referenced with authority. It should be written in an impressive implication, sound new and persuade the person who reads that reading the content is truly meaningful.

Response Essay Structure

Introduction of Response Essays

The prime focus of the introduction is the thesis statement. It is typically made through the application of the work to the personal experience of the author resulting in a very special perception.

Body Structure of Response Essays

The body examines all the features of the work presented in the essay and the author’s foremost reaction to these aspects. It is recommended to ponder on a few aspects to make the essay more considerable and extensive.

Special techniques should be used in order to reveal the author’s  response to the presented work. These techniques are aimed to reveal the relevance of the work to the author’s personal experience. A few of them are mentioned as follows:

Onomatopoeia, simile, alliteration, metaphor, etc.

Conclusion Formation for Responsive Essay Writing

The closing paragraph presents the facts, which support the author’s response to the analyzed work. It should convince the reader that factual aspects of the work give good reason for this response.

Do not beat the dead horse; be straightforward and undeviating when summarizing the most imperative points of your essay. As a final point, make certain to note the perspective and source of the unique writing that your response essay is written for.

Questions to Answer When Writing a Response Essay

  1. How was the text important and meaningful to you?
  2. How much does the text match with your perspective of the world and further things around you?
  3. How did you study, and how much were your views and opinions tested or changed by this text, if at all?
  4. How well does the text deal with things that you, individually, care about and regard as meaningful in the world?
  5. How well did you take pleasure in the text as an activity or as a work of art?
  6. What is your overall response to the text?

Topics and Ideas for Response Essays

Response essays can be written on numerous diverse topics which base on the individual response and outlook to the explicit ideas exposed in a specific work. Delicate approach to the preference of a topic or dedicated perceptive of the one topic is the key component of good essay writing.

Commonly Used Formats for Response Essays

similar to all others could be formatted in MLA, Chicago, APA, and AMA. This depends on your essay topic, theme area and the project requirements. One ought to be steady following the one manner of format of all the essay elements: title, headings, paragraphs, fonts, indents, justifications, spacing, page numbers, emphasis, footnotes, reference list and more.