Expository Essay Rubrics

expository essay rubrics

Importance of Essay Rubrics in Expository Writing

If you want to collect a response to any text then rubrics are considered a great way to analyze and study any writing. As far as expository essay is considered, it is very important to understand that expository essay writing is based on factual understanding. The question that what part do facts play in the expository essay can be answered in a very way. Expository essay cannot stand without facts.

Free expository essays can easily be found on different websites as examples. Moreover, expository essay models are also available online to guide students. However, this article is all about narrative writing rubrics which are a great way to analyze expository essays.

Purpose of Evaluating Essays via Rubrics

Before enclosing any example regarding expository essay rubrics, it is very essential to understand the importance of rubrics in academic essay writings. There are four basic aims behind the creation of rubrics.

  1. Through rubrics the purpose of writer is being analyzed. It is also analyzed whether the writer of the essay wants to explain an idea or just want to persuade his audience to understand any particular idea.
  2. With the help of rubrics, it is also studied whether the thesis statement of the writer is clear or not.
  3. In rubrics, most often, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options are placed for readers as they are asked whether the introduction was catchy for the readers and wanted to develop an urge to read more or vice versa.
  4. Moreover, it is also analyzed that the expository essay for which rubrics are developed has enough examples to defend the thesis statement or not.

Points to Remember While Creating Expository Essay Rubrics

Whether you are planning to develop middle school expository writing rubric, elementary expository writing rubric or 4th Grade sample, you have to follow certain points. For example, in your expository essay rubrics, you can talk about the focus of the essay, the organization of the piece of writing, the level of understanding it presents for the readers or the support of the essay.

With the help of these focused areas, you can easily analyze the work and collect response for any writing.

Examples of Expository Essay Rubrics

Let’s suppose you want to talk about the focus of your topic. Here are some rubrics you can develop to collect data regarding your essay from the readers.

  1. Is your expository essay focused, reflects the insight approach and purposeful.
  2. Just focused on the thesis statement.
  3. Focused but also portrayed some loosely related concepts.
  4. Several loosely attached ideas are discussed under the title.
  5. Addresses the main title but the essay has several irrelevant ideas.

In the same way you can also develop options to collect data on the organization of the essay. Here you can add options like, is the essay powerfully planned? Has it contained many logical arguments? Have the use of various tools and examples strengthened the essay? Does the essay include catchy introduction, body and conclusion?