Essay Writing for Dummies

Essay Writing for Dummies Basic Techniques n Tips

Simple Techniques for Basic Essay Writing for College Students

would not scare you after getting to know the very basic structure of an . If you have a topic and can think of a few supporting ideas after a little brainstorming, you should make an essay outline out of those ideas. You can learn more about . 

But for starters, following are the three main components of an essay that you need to work upon for better essay writing:

1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion

Let’s have a look at each of the above in detail.


  • Just like the opening scene of a film or an inviting entrance of a hotel, the introduction of an essay should be gripping. You can state an interesting fact, an intriguing question or some exciting news that made you think about the topic.
  • Purpose of introduction is to tell the reader what your essay is about. Briefly write about what you would be discussing in your essay is.
  • The ending sentence would be your main . Thesis statement is a short and specific sentence that is basically your original idea (that you come up with, after research) and it has to be arguable, not a fact.


  • The body of an essay is made up of number of paragraphs. This is where you write about the topic and support your thesis statement. Each paragraph should have one sub topic only.
  • Start off with introducing a sub topic, give supporting examples, opinions, facts, analysis and then end the paragraph with the sub topic’s conclusion. Use connecting phrases to add similar points; as, in addition to, furthermore etc.
  • To connect two statements that differ use transitional phrases e.g. however, nonetheless, on the other hand, whereas etc. Words like consequently, as a result, therefore help in concluding an idea.


  • Like the beginning, the should also be appealing or stimulating. But the purpose is only to conclude whatever you tried to explain in the light of examples and confirm your thesis statement.
  • Keep the conclusion clear and specific. Do not introduce new ideas at this point. Summarize the main points in very short sentences and make the conclusion compact.
  • You can mention the significance of implication of your main ideas and write something in the end that would simmer in the reader’s mind like an interesting quotation or relevant example supporting the thesis.

Additional Tips for Essay Writing

  • Proof read before submitting your essay. Look out for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Synchronize your , and
  • Make sure the essay follows a logical flow and format.
  • If necessary, leave unanswered questions or areas for further study for your readers.
  • Follow the proper procedure for if required by your teacher.