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Understanding the Basics of Various Essay Types and Formats

It is impossible to acomplish academic tasks pertaining until or unless you are familiar with essay formats. There are various essay formats widely available and applied for writing assignments.

However, it mostly depends on what your supervisor asks you to adopt. You can only write in a perfect way if you follow all the guidelines of the required essay format for your writing assignment.

Standard Essay Format Guideline

Here is a basic essay format that is more or less applied to all other writing styles.


in your essay format tells about the basic idea of the paper. What you want to talk about will be briefly discussed here.


This part involves the explanation of your . Here you also include the supporting evidences and you maintain a relation between your thesis and evidences.


In during essay writing you not only restate the hypothesis but also provide the net result drag out from your research.

MLA Writing Format

for writing academic assignments is generally known as . This style is most often used for projects related to liberal arts and humanities. This format is considered the most frequently adopted writing methodology.

In this essay format, Times New Roman or Arial style with size 12 is considered a standard. Double spacing is used as well. Moreover, sometimes this style is also referred as parenthetical citation style of writing. This reason behind is that, it allows writers to enclose sources in parentheses on work cited page.

APA Essay Format

essay format or is another format writing standard essays. This format is specifically adopted for social sciences research assignments or academic projects. This format is divided into four parts including the title page, abstract, body and references.

As far as APA format for standard essay format is concerned, the writer has to place 1 inch margin on all sides of the paper. Times New Roman with 10 or 12 font size is a standard. References are placed at the end of the research project.

Harvard Essay Format

or is also known as author date citation format. For this reason, a writer who is adopting this format has to consider several details while going through in-text citation.

These details generally include the name of the author, page number as well as the year of publication. If the author is unknown then you can also cite the title of the publication within the text. End notes are added at the end of the paper.

Tips to Remember While Working on any Type of Essay Format

Get in touch with some tips before going through any format.

  1. You have to be stick to a single format throughout your essay whether using MLA format, APA format or Harvard style essay. Never switch from one to another.
  2. Always prefer to adopt an essay format that you have worked out before.
  3. Consider essays of the format you are planning to go with. You can easily take a look at different essays available in the textbooks. This will allow you to look at few samples as example before getting a start.