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Sample Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and Effect EssayCause and effect essay writing aims to explain the reasons and results associated with a situation or an event. This kind of essay writing is especially assigned to students at every level. You can easily find hundreds of topics related to cause and effect essays for teenagers, cause and effect student essays, essay topics for middle school, high school or for college students.

This article is a brief highlight on keeping in mind the which follows the beginning with a strong introduction followed by a body and finally concluding remarks in the end of the essay. Here I am going to enclose some sample cause and effect essays that may help you to understand the format and structure of this kind of essay writing.

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity

Obesity is one of the major issues of the current day world. Detecting obesity is not that difficult as its treatment is. In American States, children as well as teenagers are getting obese at faster rates. In short term, obesity can be termed an epidemic of twenty- first century. When we look in the past centuries, we can find that there was no concept of fast food to go with. Nowadays, children and teenagers have badly indulged themselves in bad eating habits placing them at the risk of higher morbidity rates.

There are many causes of obesity but irresponsible attitudes of consumers, easy access to junk food and corporations’’ advertisements are the most important among all. Eating junk food as a regular meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds or Pizza Hut adversely affects the health and this attitude is getting popularity among working class. So, with such attitudes, it is impossible to achieve the status of a fit and healthier life. Parents should become more concerned about the health and fitness of their children to minimize the trends of poor eating habits.

Sample Cause and Effect Essay on Alcoholism

In American and European societies, alcohol abuse or alcoholism is increasing day by day especially among teenagers and younger generation. People start using alcohol, usually, due to peer pressure, family issues and emotional and social stress. Unluckily, the impact of alcoholism is not restricted to the abuser only but it also produces adverse effects on the family and friends of the abuser. The person who is victim of alcohol may hit by severe mood swings and behavioral changes. He or she may also start facing issues with relationships, marriage and children.

Alcoholism not only affects the victim physically but it is like a slow poisoning that produces ill effects for the victim in every way. For example, in extreme cases the victim may lose his job causing financial crisis or he may also be arrested as a penalty of extreme alcoholism. Alcohol abuse also causes great concerns to the body of the abuser. He may experience ulcers, cirrhosis, dementia, hallucinations and even death in extreme cases. Mental problems, strong violence and anti- social behavior are some other effects of this abuse. So, we can simply judge that the effects of alcohol abuse are tremendous as well as deadly so government should take the matter seriously into consideration and set up reasonable restrictions for the user to save individuals as well as community from disastrous effects of this abuse.