10 Best Historical Fiction Books That You Should Not Miss

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What is a Historical Fiction?

Historical fiction can be defined as:

A part of literature which has a plot set in past is known as historical fiction. The terms that are used to describe historical fiction are equivocal; at times it has been called historical novel as well.

However, the term ‘historical fictional’ can be used for several pieces of literature like; anything in narrative form, visual arts, theater, opera, cinema, theater and a lot of other mediums can be used to represent historical fiction. One of the most popular mediums that are used for historical fiction these days is television. Thousands of amazing movies are being made on historical fiction.

Some Quick Tips on How to Write a Perfect Historical Fiction?

Historical fictions are fun to read and watch. This is mainly because this type of literature heavily focuses on the setting as well as the plot. To write a perfect historical fiction, the writer must know every bit of detail about the plot he’s writing and the characters he is creating. The details must be precise and to the point with no place for doubt. To make sure that the historical fiction that is being written is accurate and precise; the writer must spend years researching the history, reading every bit of detail about the setting he is going to write about. The time period as well as the setting must be researched thoroughly.

Top 10 Historical Fiction Books and Novels Everyone Must Read

So, is your interest in historical fiction at its peak yet? Well, we have compiled a list of ten best historical fiction novels that all of you should read. Check out the list below.

The Whale Road by Robert Low

Robert Low is one of the most renowned historical fictional writers. He is quite famous for his Oathsworn series of novels that is entirely based on Vikings. But the novel we are going to discuss here is The Whale Road that was released back in 2007; The Whale Road can easily be called the best Viking fiction that has been written till this day. The book is beautiful beyond what a person can explain. In short, The Whale Road is the perfect historical fiction for people who are looking for novels that are fierce, brutal; all of this perfectly wrapped into finely written Norse mythology.

Not only that, people who are interested in humour will love The Whale Road as it has plenty of Scottish humour in it.

The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell

No list of fictional novels is complete without adding Bernard Cornwell; Known as one of the finest authors to write historical fiction. The Last Kingdom is the first novel in The Saxon Stories; it is the perfect novel for anyone who’s willing to read epic historical fiction. it has the perfect set of characters, plot, setting and the dialogues are really amazing. Furthermore, The Last Kingdom easily makes up for a book that is known as a getaway book.

Upon reading it, you will only feel drawn to it which will result in you getting completely lost in this brilliantly written piece of historical fiction.

Pompeii by Robert Harris

Robert Harris published Pompeii in 2003. Pompeii is the perfect novel that blends the exact amount of fiction and reality. When it comes to reality, Pompeii is based on the eruption of Mount-Vesuivus that occurred in 24 August, 79AD. This incident deluged Pompeii as well as all the towns that surrounded it. One of the redeeming factors about this novel is how Robert Harris took several references from different aspects of volcanology and the brilliant use of Roman calender.

Pompeii is the perfect book for those who want a getaway and experience the doom and gloom of the incident that took place a long, long time ago.

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Gates of Fire is written by one of the most acclaimed historical fictional writers Steven Pressfield. The book was published back in 1998. The novel is written in order to recreate the great Battle of Thermopylae that took place through Xeones. A serf who also was one of the only 3 surviving Greeks in the battle. The reason Gates of Fire is in the list is because it happens to be one of the best historical fictions written; the book happens to be on the reading list of CMC (Commandant of Marine Corps).

Apart from that, the book has been taught properly in several institutes including West Point and United States Naval Academy. Gates of Fire is the perfect novel for people who are looking for themes such as fate, irony, duty, honour, stolidity and team spirit.

Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham

The fifth book on our list is Pride of Carthage that has been written by David Anthony Durham who is well known for historical fiction as well as fantasy. Highly influenced by the fantasy giants such as; George R.R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien. Pride of Carthage can be easily considered one of the best battle-centric historical fiction that has been written in literature. Pride of Carthage is a book with several interesting characters and an amazing plot to begin with.

Dissolution by C.J. Sansom

Dissolution isn’t just a historical fiction, the book is perfect balance of mystery and historical fiction. The novel is set in Tudor England and is one of the finest pieces of literature that has been written. One thing you should know about this book is that the reader-base is quite divided. A lot of readers think that the book is monotonous. However, there are a lot of other readers who believe that the book is a great piece of literature set in Tudor England.

Azincourt by Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell is back in the list with Azincourt. The novel is also known as Agnicourt. The historical fiction is based on the real life events of that led to Battle of Agnicourt. The entire narrative is being told by the series protagonist Nicholas Hook. The book is the perfect representation of the battle and portrays the entire battle perfectly. The Azincourt is the perfect book for the fans of historical fiction with dashes of reality and epic battles.

The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch

Another great addition to our list is The Hangman’s Daughter by none other than Oliver Potzch. The Hangman’s Daughter is the perfect blend of mystery as well as historical fiction and oozes out the masterful writing of Oliver Potzsch; one of the best writers to come out of Germany. The Hangman’s Daughter is also the perfect book if you are looking for something dark, full of grit and gothic vibes.

Not to forget, this book is one of the best translated European historical fictions you can read.

Ghengis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden

Ghengis: Birth of an Empire also goes by the name “The Wolf of The Plains”, and completing the list without adding this masterpiece would have been injustice to both the book as well as the list itself. It is one of the few books I would love to recommend to every historical fiction lover out there. One of the best things is that it’s not just one book, there is an entire series of pure historical fiction just waiting to be read and captivate the readers with its brilliant writing, interesting setting, engaging plot and intriguing characters.

The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell

The last novel on our list is again by Bernard Cornwell. I wouldn’t compare it with the other Bernard Cornwell novels in the list because it is not as good as the ones I have already mentioned. However, if you are in for something unique and really well written just like every other Bernard Cornwell; the novel focus on something we very well know. The novel is written about King Arthur. The book is not there because Bernard Cornwell is an amazing writer, it made it to the list because it is one of the best non-fantasy, historical fiction ever written.

Apart from that The Winter King is also considered one of the getaway books in the literature.