Detailed Look at Research and Its Importance

Research and its importance

What is Research?

Research is a scientific study of materials and resources that leads to create facts and realize new conclusions. It comprises of data, information and records for the development and improvement of knowledge. Research assists in discovering new and innovative ideas for a particular subject. In addition to this, it also helps in exploring and collecting information for answering a specific problem.

Areas of Research

Following are some of the areas of research:

Computer Science

The research in computer science is vast and immense. Several researches have been conducted on various fields of computer science. Among these the major ones are:

Artificial Intelligence

Work in artificial intelligence includes research in the core areas of knowledge representation, speech and language, NLP (natural language processing) techniques, vision, machine learning and robotics.

Computer Graphics

Research in computer graphics focuses on the concept of image processing, image rendering and visualization, rapid prototyping and animation.

Human Computer Interaction

It deals with the plan, evaluation and completion of interactive computing systems. Current research topics in HCI are perceptual interfaces, design tools, programming user interfaces, prototyping, and assessment of user interfaces.


The research in the field of mathematics is actively engage in diverse areas. Amongst them most important are as follows:


Research in algebra includes commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebra geometry, algebra topology, algebraic number theory and many others.


It explores on random walks, probability on graphs, discrete probability, large deviations as well as probability to problems in the field of physics, computer science and biology.


The research in the discipline of engineering is massive.  A lot of researches have been carried out in various fields of engineering. Some of them are:

Electrical Engineering

Researchers are actively working on the subjects like signals, communicating and networks, optics and phonics, electronic circuits and systems, signal and image processing and solid state electronics.

Chemical Engineering

It focuses on the research such as nanotechnology, cellular engineering, polymers and complex fluids, thermodynamics molecular and nano scale modeling and catalyst and reaction engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Current research topics in this field comprises of energy, fluids, controls, dynamics and vibrations, thermal sciences, mechanics and materials , mechatronics and robotics.


Research in psychology covers variety of areas. Each field signifies to a particular area of     study focused on a particular subject. Following are some of the important ones:

Cognitive Psychology

It is a study of thinking, learning, memorizing, judgment, creativity, problem solving and decision-making among people. Research in this field comprises of learning attention and consideration, perception, memory, speech and language and human performance.

Social Psychology

It deals with the attitude, interpersonal relations, and cultural issues that affect human behavior and actions. Research topics in this field includes social cognition, study on attitude and attitudes change, violence and law, group behavior and prejudice and discrimination.

Personality Psychology

It highlights the thoughts, feelings, performance and actions that make an individual distinctive. It investigates on self-esteem, happiness, loneliness and personality’s disorders.

Art and Design

Art and design plays an import role in the society. Various investigations have been carried out on this field. Few of them are as follows:

Visual Arts

The research topics in visual arts comprises of fine arts, photography, animation, graphic design and film art respectively.

Textiles and Design

It consist of wide range of subjects starting from textile science and engineering, color schemes and format to fashion and design.


Researchers have been taken place on the history of art, history of design, design history on film and media practice and theory of photography.

Characteristics of Research

Following are some of the characteristics of research:

  • Research always start off with a problem or query
  • It is based on the examination, understanding and knowledge by the researcher
  • It is logical in nature as it is based on valid assumptions and practice
  • It must answer all type of questions
  • It displays careful and accurate judgment
  • It needs collection and better understanding of data
  • It is a cyclic process as it begins and ends with a problem.
  • Research divides a major problem or issue into sub problems
  • It uses logically confirmed procedure for gathering the data
  • The plan and process of research is repeated in order to help the researcher to come up with valid and suitable results

Importance of Research

Research has great importance as it investigates and studies various sources with the purpose of achieving latest data and information about a particular matter. Through research, findings and conclusions are obtained with the help of which researchers are able to discover diverse solutions to the problems. Research has helped in introducing ground-breaking ideas and thoughts to solve many unsolved problems and issues.