How Multiple Intelligence Tests Can Help in Supercharging Brain Powers

Multiple intelligence tests are the measure of finding out the type of intelligence possessed by the person on the basis of their understanding of certain things.intelligence tests, learning, questioning

How is Intelligence Measured?

Researchers claim that intelligence is defines as the ability of a person to understand that the world around us is complicated. A few people are able to understand things in a better way and quickly and some take time. For some people it is very simple to understand the growth of a flower but at the same time they find it difficult to use a musical instrument. Similarly for some people understanding music can be easy but playing football can be difficult.

What are the Different kinds of Intelligence Tests?

Therefore, rather than having a single intelligence, researchers claim that we posses different kinds of intelligence. Following is a list of some of the intelligence:

  • Kineasthetic
  • Linguistic
  • Logical
  • People
  • Intrapersonal
  • Musical
  • Visual or Spatial
  • Naturalistic

Multiple Intelligence Tests: Testing the Intelligence

In order to find out the type of intelligence that a person has multiple intelligence tests are conducted. In order to test intelligence it is important to study the different types of intelligence and how they can be measured.


People who have intelligence in terms of Kineasthetics are said to be body smart. They are more involved in sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics and a lot more. They are also known as Kinaesthetic smart.


Those who can be tested in a multiple intelligence test on the basis of having intelligence of words are known as Linguistic smart or word smart. Such people have a passion for talking, reading and writing about different things.


People are said to be number smart or logical smart if they possess intelligence related to numbers. Such people are good at number activities like mathematics and are efficient in terms of solving problems.


There are some people who are good at mingling with people and socializing. They mix up well with other people and are known for going to various clubs. They are good at sharing things and playing team games. These people are known as people smart or interpersonal smart.


There is also a group of people whose multiple intelligence tests can give a high rating in terms of music. They are those who recognize sounds, tone quality, timbre and enjoy music. They are said to musical smart of music smart.

Visual or Spatial

People who are skilled in arts and have an interest in the activities like graph making, finding routes in mazes and map reading are known to have an understanding of the pictures. These people are known as picture smart. They are also sometimes called as spatial or visual smart.


This category includes those people who have a passion about animals and plants and are good at learning about them. Such people are known to be naturalistic smart or nature smart.

Therefore, multiple intelligence tests can be conducted to check the different types of intelligence that a person possesses.