Learning Styles : Basics and Usage

By understanding and recognizing your person learning styles one can make use of different techniques that suit them. This helps in the quality and speed of learning.learning styles, sound learning, synchronous learning, asynchronous learning

What are the Different Learning Styles?

People learn things through different techniques and learning styles. These styles when grouped together help people in learning things which they find difficult to understand otherwise. Each person possesses a combination of different styles of learning. A few people might think that a particular style of learning is dominant over the other styles for them while others might make use of different styles of learning for different situations.

Using Multiple Learning Styles

There is no fixed style of learning things. By making use of multiple learning styles you can enhance your understanding of any subject. This approach is being recognized by the educators of today. Traditionally the schools made use of logical and linguistic learning methods. These included a limited range of teaching and learning skills. A number of schools still depend upon the book based and classroom learning along with pressured examinations for the purpose of review and reinforcement. As a result we usually label the ones who use such techniques as bright. Whereas, the students who make less use of these techniques are found in lower grades and it is often characterized by low quality teaching.

The Seven Basic Learning Styles

There are a total of seven basic styles of learning which are categorized on the basis of different understandings of the world.

Visual or Spatial Learning

Visual learning comprises of the ability of a person to learn with the help of images, pictures and objects. Those who have good spatial learning can provide a good sense of direction. This helps them in using the maps and understanding all directions easily.

Aural Learning

Those who prefer the aural method of learning work with music and sound. They are trained in the skill of recognizing rhythms and pitch. They are also good at singing, identifying sounds and playing different types of musical instruments.

Verbal Learning

In verbal learning approach a person makes use of spoken and written words for learning. Such people are good at expressing themselves verbally and through writing. They also enjoy reading and finding meanings of different words.

Physical Learning

Physical learning comprises of the use of hands, body and sense of touch to recognize and learn different things. The people who use this learning technique are good at exercising, sports and all kinds of physical activities.

Logical Learning

Those you use the logical style of learning prefer using their brain for mathematical and logical reasoning. They are expert at recognizing patterns and establishing links between different types of contents. Therefore, they are good at grouping and classifying objects.

Social Learning

People who have a strong social learning skill are good at socializing with people. They prefer learning in groups. They welcome other people’s view points and understand them. Such people also enjoy counseling and mentoring others.

Solitary Learning

As the name suggests, solitary learning involves working alone or self-study. People with this learning approach tend to be more private, independent and introspective. They focus on their own thoughts.

Different learning styles help us understand that we can use multiple ways to grasp various concepts around us.