How to Encourage Creativity in Children


What is Creativity

In simple words, creativity is the ability of thinking and generating new ideas and thoughts. Creativity is the by-product of imagination. It can also be seen as the capability to produce various possibilities that are helpful in solving problems and difficulties. Understanding the concept of creativity in kids is relatively easy as imagination in kids is encouraged by what they naturally do like asking questions, improvising, imagining things, exploring and inventing new stuff and even making mistakes.

Following are some of the suggestions for promoting and encouraging creativity in your children.

Don’t Correct, Inquire Why

When your kids make mistakes, use wrongs words or exhibit bad manners don’t instantly scold or correct them. Instead, talk to them in a polite way and inquire why they have done so or why they thought this was a right thing to do or to say? For example, if your son picks up a juice glass and begins noisily slurping his juice – do not yell at him rather ask why he thinks it is a proper and suitable way to drink the juice. More likely, he will say that he is thirsty or his friends drink it like this in school. At this moment you have unlock yourself to have a discussion about table manners, respecting adults and many more with your child. As a parent or caretaker or even a teacher, you must realize that it is your responsibility to educate the child to question about things as this is seen as an important characteristic of a creative mind.

Discover Answers Together

As your children grow up they begin to ask a lot of questions which you cannot answer.  As a parent you may believe to cover up the lack of knowledge since your child find you as his ultimate foundation of awareness and information. Most of the time parents’ hasty response is “I don’t know” or “I think the answer is..”. Instead come up saying: “Lets search what is the correct answer”. Then start searching the answer with your child. Just don’t about searching on the internet directly, rather get a book and look for the answer in it. This will boost the habit of reading books in your child since books provide the most reliable source of information and you can find almost everything in black and white pages that you are looking for.

Use Brainstorming Technique

As a parent, you must use this effective technique of brainstorming. In spare time, it is a good idea to brainstorm about different household items with your child. For example, cardboard can be used as a telescope or a person or a hairbrush can be used as a microphone for announcements, narrations or singing. Or may be, make use of sheets and cards to form a playing tent. Using utensils as a music instrument can also develop interest in melody composition. Also certify your child for having such remarkable imagination.

Play With Your child

Work together with your kid and create different games like teacher student game using appropriate items for props. This will help them to learn new things beside from the one they are regularly taught in schools. Pretend games help the children to picture things from a different perception that leads to an important element of creativity.

Give Freedom and Liberty

Give your kids the freedom and autonomy to investigate and explore their ideas and thoughts. Try not to act bossy and dominant. Don’t give them instructions and guidelines on how to make a particular item or object .Instead encourage them to discover and invent new things.

Think independently

Permit your child to make simple selections or decisions like what to eat in lunch or where to go for picnic. Therefore this will encourage your kid to think independently and allow room for ample creativity.

Websites for Kids

Following are some of the websites for kids that will help them learn to be more creative and innovative:

It is the most comprehensive and complete learning site for kids ages from 2 to 7. It assists your child to read and learn stories and music, play games and practice coloring as well. In addition to this, it also shows the development and growth of your child as they study.

National Geographic Kids

This site allows your child to play games, watch videos and above all study and gain knowledge about animals, nature, and environment and the world around them. is a website for preschoolers where they can develop reading, math and literacy expertise well.

The site contains a large number of different creative ideas for kid’s age group from 4 to 12. It supports the children’s creativeness and facilitates them in crafting different offerings with the help of their parents’ guidance and assistance.

The site is helpful for kids in creating new stories using simple tools and methods. It will support and motivate your children to write whatever they imagine in story format. Readers will also encourage their writing skills by posting their comments.

Importance of Creativity in Kids

Creativity is important for kids as it helps them acquire and polish cognitive skills and expertise. It assists them in developing new and inventive ideas. Creative activities play a vital role in child’s growth and development. Creative thinking like imagination and thoughts helps in understanding the realities of life. When the element of creativity is appreciated from a young age, children learn to find solutions to their problems in a better way and as they grow up, they think and act logically in practical life.