• Nice tips.

  • As someone who can struggle with creativity from time to time, I’m really appreciative of this post. Some pretty good fire starters here. Sometimes if I have a subject in mind then I’ll Google it and then head towards the last few pages of the results and see what I find. Interesting stuff on the back end of Google sometimes.



  • Amy

    @ Tumblemoose: Google seems to be funny especially when your site is at the end page *winks*

    Thanks for the appreciation! my deed done :)

  • Steve Jumnis

    Yes Amy,
    I want to thank you for this nice tips. Good Post…Keep going on..
    These tips are really helpful for me to write content to my website..

  • Amy

    Thanks Steve…do share stuff that you write with the rest of us here..

  • I think any discussion about creativity should be put into a clear context. How we write creatively, or do anything in life creatively, may depend on the intended outcome of the work. If you’re singing in the shower, for example, then there are no limits on your creativity, feel free to improvise and make it up any way you choose, melody and structure be damned. But if you’re going to Nashville with the intention of selling your songs, then your creativity must exist within the box that exists for that culture.

    Same with our writing. I think the best tip of all for writing creatively is to understand the parameters — the structural and aesthetic expectations — of the niche and genre you’re shooting for. Free form prose is much different than writing a screenplay, which is different yet from writing a blog. You can’t blow off the rules and expect to succeed.

    The trick is to think outside the box, but only in terms of co-existing with the parameters provided by the market you’re aiming at. Once you crawl inside and respect the box and its borders, then play “what if” games with your ideas and conjure the unexpected in ways that thrill and amaze. Creativity is all relative, and like any other pursuit, it has a disciplined side to it.

  • Steve Jumnis

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  • To write creatively you must be inspired. The first thing to do is to believe in your abilities and look at the positive side of life.

    Summon your creativity by observing the things around you. You don’t have to think hard or to look far. Just open your eyes and speak your mind. :-)

  • David

    A very inspiring post.


  • Amy

    @ Walter: Yeah, observance is the one of the most handy tools around, that comes free too ;)

    @David: You are welcome by all means!

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