Should I Start Writing With Fan Fiction or Original Stories?

Should I Start Writing with Fan Fiction or Original Stories?

has been a very interesting hobby for many. It has also been a means for earning a living. People have, for ages, enjoyed writing both as a profession and as a hobby.

For beginners it is important to note that there are several types of stories one can write. When talking about fan fiction stories and original fiction stories, in particular, it is imperative to identify the difference between the two and then decide upon as to what they want to start writing with.

What is Fan Fiction?

Fan fiction is a broadly-demarcated term observing stories about elements or settings composed by fans of the initial work, instead of by the first inventor.

Works of fan fiction are once in a while appointed or sanctioned by the initial work’s manager, inventor, or distributer; additionally, they are just about never professionally printed.

As a result of this, a considerable number of fan fictions composed regularly hold a disclaimer stating that the inventor of the work possesses none of the elements. Fan fiction, hence, is described by being both identified with its subject’s accepted fictional and concurrently existing outside the standard of that universe.

Most fan fiction journalists gather that their work is perused essential by alternate fans, and consequently will usually assume that their followers have learning of the standard universe (made by an expert essayist) in which their works are based.

Hence, to simplify fan fictions are those fiction written by fans as an addition of an admired work or series of works, mainly a television show, frequently posted on the Internet or available in fanzines.

What is Original Fiction or Original Fiction Stories?

Original fiction also referred to as fanfiction, fanfic, FF, or fic is a term regarding stories about characters or plot written by the author, who is by all means the original creator of the story that he writes.

Here it is important to note that the author does not work upon the setting or characters already defined, but on characters or settings that the author creates.

Original fiction gives the author the choice to explore whatever he/she wants, not necessarily connected to romance, celebrity, fictional couples, or real life stories and situations.

Differentiating between Fan Fiction and Original Fiction Stories

The most visible difference among original fiction and fan fiction is that one is fan fiction; based around big names or prevalent fictional elements, and one is original fiction; based around elements and plots that are originally created by the author. This contrast makes not just a distinction in the elements and plot, but in addition a different approach in the style of composing, and the procedure of writing itself.

The second method is better from first fiction in the way that both the elements, and to some degree the plot, come instant. You take a few superstars, you take the scenario, and you embed what happens in the middle of the general population demonstration in discussions. A huge number of stories composed in this course center on celebrity breakups, and have a tendency to close with those celebrities getting back as a single unit since that is ordinarily what both the book lovers and scholar would like to happen.

For instance, you are able to compose an initial fiction concerning a tribe that is living out some emergency, and how that affects each family member. To compose a fan fiction concerning that same brainstorm, you could need to make either of the household parts either a celebrity or fictional hero. Seeing that this is an element that is even now considerably outlined and most exceptionally matched with a different famous person or fictional element, it updates the story totally.

Which One to Begin With: Fan Fiction or Original Stories?

If you would feel more contented writing fan fiction initially to get a grip over your writing style, feel free to do so. Although people tend to have varying perspectives, for most, I believe, writing fan fiction is actually more difficult than writing original fiction.

With fan fiction everyone previously knows the story, and if you focus your attention on a story or series with a majority following, such as Harry Potter or Twilight, the audience is going to be a lot harsher in criticizing your work because they have by now developed an association to certain characters and scenarios regarding that particular fan fiction story.

Furthermore, fan fiction limits you somehow. For fan fiction stories the suggestion is to pursue the identical basic plot. There is a higher probability for beginners to totally deviate from the plot, hence leaving the story to be no longer a fan fiction. Generally speaking, people are a lot more accepting in reading or critiquing original fiction, then why not write your original piece?

Tips for Becoming a Better Writer in the Genre of Fiction

Here are some tips that would aid beginners to write better fiction:

  1. The initial motivation when writing a story is to write for yourself. Only then can you actually write a master piece.
  2. If you are no longer interested in what you are writing, do not force yourself to complete it.
  3. Always check upon your grammar in order to avoid errors.
  4. Inspiration can come from anywhere, be it reading, looking at pictures, watching a movie or a television program or simply your imagination.
  5. Do not bother how others would perceive your work. What matters is whether you are happy and satisfied with what you are writing.
  6. Always recheck you work in order to avoid any typos.
  7. Do not plagiarize! Only the original work has got its essence.

Some Fan Fiction Writing Resources for You to Check Out!

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