Examples of Creative Writing

Examples of Creative Writing

Creative writing describes a writing style that goes outside the bounds of regular and defined criteria of writing such as, journalistic, academic, and technical forms of literature. Some of the most common creative writing examples can enlist everything from novels, short stories, fiction, poems to screenplays to essays.

Creative writing today, covers a whole lot than it ever did in the past through its evolution and integration of other writing styles altogether.

Here, we will quote few of most eligible examples of creative writing and, try to educate you with each on a basic level.

Creative Writing Example– Fiction

Fiction can be any form of narration that deals with characters, places, and events that are not factual. Characters, plots, storylines, events, and places can and mostly are well-crafted imaginations of the author with sturdy incorporations of other literary factors in perfect harmony.

The five basic elements of fiction are, character, plot, setting, theme, and style. Characters define “who”, plot determines “what”, setting describes “where and when” and finally, style identifies “how”. Style can further have different methods of implication, like the narrator style, or point of view style. “Tone” is the mood set up by the author in the storyline, and a strong “suspension of disbelief” to indulge readers to believe in a story that can never take place in reality.  

Fiction writing is fun, it allows you to express and evolve, and pen down your wildest of ideas and imaginations on a piece of paper. Fiction writing makes you aware at both conscious and subconscious levels and ultimately allows you to capture notions from these worlds. Such examples of fiction make readers fall in love with characters, settings, and plots and leave an everlasting mark on their minds. Inspirationally acclaimed fiction has later taken forms of movies, paintings, music, stage dramas and much more, reaching out to an even wider audience.

Creative Writing Example– Poetry

Poetry is a form of expression that predates literacy itself. Records of poetry have been found in prehistoric and ancient civilizations. It is a workshop of language, an art form, “the” most precise and comprehensive interpretation of feelings and emotions.

In words, phrases, rhythms, lines, and stanzas, lie decisive moments, self-realization, loss, grief, hope, divine intervention, and personal evolution. Poetry can achieve much of that with just twists of words, ambiguous structures, and compositions. Poetry is the perfect platform for creative writing for its vast incorporation of one’s vivid imagination and personal experiences. Most renowned creative writing poets have spent years upon years, struggling to find the right ingredients that fuel their passion for expression in the most poetic comprehendible way possible. If you are budding poet striving to seek your own tone, a few good creative writing exercises should get the ball rolling for you in the right direction. You can find tons of creative writing ideas online to help your poetic significance shine on.

Creative Writing Example– Nonfiction (Personal or Journalistic Essays)

Creative nonfiction, as opposed to creative fiction, is a genre of writing that creates narratives using facts and distinct writing styles and techniques. Essays, personal or journalistic are the primary examples of this style of writing.

All essays have a defined beginning, middle, and ending based around central ideas normally termed as “thesis”. Thesis is the glue, which binds an essay together, it is the point of the essay in terms of what is it about, what facts it contains and what does it prove.

Essays on the other hand, are not creative but are creative towards how they are approached, and that approach is strictly defined by the author itself. A traditional journalist would approach an essay with an already defined set standard or technique, refusing to stray from it whereas, a creative writer’s approach towards writing essays will be completely different and much more flavored.

Creative essay writing tutorials, workshops, and creative writing scholarships are essential towards harnessing key ingredients of an essay together. Thousands of creative writing prompts and ideas online can get your creative writing juices flowing in the right direction.