Detailed Look at National Book Month

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What is National Book Month

National Book Month is a yearly celebration that is observed in the month of October in USA. This month’s celebration has been introduced by the National Book Foundation. The purpose behind this month is to encourage the spirit of book reading among people. It is a way of finding some new ways for incorporating reading and book-related activities in the lives of children. This is so because reading helps in promoting literacy, assists in improving grammar and spellings and develops feelings of empathy when the reader experiences the struggles and successes of the fictional characters he or she is reading about.

National Book Foundation Celebrating National Book Month

National Book Foundation is a nonprofit organization of America. It is established for the purpose of raising the cultural appraisal of outstanding writings of America. The organization was established in 1989 and since that time it has been sponsoring and administrating the National Book Awards. It also sponsors and administers educational as well as public programs. The board of trustees of National Book Foundation includes representatives of literary institutions of America along with the representatives of book industry. The after school program of the organization named as BookUpNYC makes use of novel methods to motivate youth regarding the pleasure of reading.

National Book Awards

National Book Awards are a yearly set of literary awards of U.S. Each November, at the finial ceremony of the National Book Awards, the NBAs are presented by the National Book Foundation along with awarding the authors with two lifetime achievement awards. These are basically literary awards of a changing set initiated in 1936 and continued from 1950.

How is National Book Month Celebrated?

Here is how the National Book Month is celebrated.

Celebrations in Schools

There are a number of different ways of celebrating the National Book Month. The schools who remain open during that time period hold various competitions related to books such as essay writing, book reading, slogan making, poster making, spelling bee quizzes, creative storytelling, reading fluency and a lot more.

Hosting a Reading Competition

Organize a reading competition in the school or class. In this competition a local author can be invited to read their story or any of their selection from a novel. It is a great opportunity to invite local celebrities like college athletes, news anchor or a mayor to the event. They can be asked to share their most favorite book with the students when they were of their age. In the end there can be reading competition among the students and the celebrities or authors can judge it.

Re-reading Books

Make a schedule of re-reading the books which your class particularly liked the most in the past or you can check out the list of good historical fiction books. Mostly the teachers are in search for new stories but they forget that their students are still fond of the ones told in the past and wish to hear them again and again.

Organize a Costume Day

Organize a costume day in which children can dress up like their favorite fictional characters from the literary world. It will be great to observe the way the costumes change according to age of the kids. From Harry Potter to the Paper Bag Princess, teachers and kids alike can enjoy this activity to a great extent.

Creating a Class Book

Begin creating a class book. Through the use of stapler and copier, kids can work in groups and make a great class project for celebrating the National Book Month. This can also serve as a good handout for the upcoming parent-teaching meeting as a bonus.

Writing to an Author

Start writing to any author. Make the kids select their favorite authors and write a fan letter to them. In this letter they can write about whatever they like the best regarding the books of the particular author and thank them for that work. Majority of the authors will not write back to them but there can be exceptions too.

Book Exchange

Start a book exchange activity in schools. In this, the students can bring the books that they have read already and exchange them with the books brought by rest of the students as well as teachers. This will help in getting access to more books.

Creating Movie-Styled Posters

Help the kids in creating movie-styled posters in order to advertise their most favorite book. This may consist of pictures of the fictional characters, taglines and quotes from critics. They can also share their opinions in the form of a book review with their class fellows.

Reading Books Together

Search for the books which have been nominated for awards such as Caldecott Medal and the Newbery Medal. These books can be read together in the class and the students can vote for the book which they believe should win the award.

Creating Photo Contents

Plan a photo contest where the kids can take their own photographs while reading books in unique places. The rule here should be that they must the read that book in reality and the title should be clearly visible in the photograph. To determine the winner voting can be done.

Celebrations With Family

The National Book Month can be celebrated in a fun-filled way with the family members as well. This means that it is not restricted to schools and colleges only. Here are a few ways in which this month can be celebrated outside schools:

New Book to Read Every Week

There is no need to plan a project for this. All you have to do is to visit a local library nearby and select any four or five books that appeal you the most and are according to your taste. Plan a goal of finishing each book in a one week for the coming month. Give a specific portion of your day in which you can sit back, relax and read a book. This will not only help you in expanding your horizons but it will also give you some time more to relax and be with yourself.

Swap Books With Your Friends

A good way to go through books that you would not be able to read otherwise is to swap them with your friends. Plan a meeting with some friends who are fond of reading books. Ask them to collect different books and bring them along so that you can share each book from them. The book should have a labeled card on them with a title of the book on it. Once a book is borrowed by a person he or she will sign it with their name and contact number so that the owner of the book knows the person who has that book. This meeting should be arranged every week and swapping is to be done again. Make it a fun-filled event by asking your friends to bring along a treat for sharing and a brief review of the book which they read. This will pave way to some amazing literary discussions and will bring more fun to the process of book swapping.

Begin a Book Club

Start off with a book club of your own. Send an email to all your friends and ask them if they are interested. Tell them to bring a friend along with them. Plan a time and date, select a book and give your friends some weeks for reading that book. This is a great way of encouraging oneself to ready and is also a good excuse of meeting with your friends. If you have kids at home, motivate them to begin with a book club too. Assist them in selection of books which are accurate and liked by children of their age. Ask their parents to volunteer in hosting the book club on rotation basis. This is a good way to enhance social skills in children along with motivating them to read.

Plan Story Time Activities With Children

Majority of the local libraries organize programs like active story time. A few of these programs are held once a week, whereas the others are organized in different times of the year. Inquire about the time and dates of these programs from your kids’ librarian. They usually have these programs for young and older kids and various story time programs consist of interactive and fun-filled activities like movement, music and puppet shows. This is a good way for help the children learn to enjoy reading and writing from the beginning.

Write Book Reviews

Various websites like Goodreads or Amazon permit the reader to write book reviews of the book that they have read or purchased from them. This is basically a good service to the readers as it provides them with a great idea of the direction and quality of the book before their purchase it.

Therefore, National Book Month is a good chance of celebrating your fondness of books and reading them. By just following a few of the above tips in your life will help you stay more involved and connected with the world of book ready and the people who are a part of this.